Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where the heck...

oh my lordy. Where have I been?

Well I haven't fallin off the face of the earth I swear it. Just a short trip to the moon and back. Nothing major realy. I had to go off in search of my marbles.

Did I find them?

No no I did not.

It has been hectic around here for sure. I haven't even had time to feed my blog addiction and that is "MAJOR" as Victoria Beckham would say. Totally unacceptable behavior for a true blog addict. I swear they will revoke my obsessive license if I keep this shit up.

Someone go tell the powers that be over at the Subsidy evil hole to get thier act together so I can rest assured that I will get paid on the 15th. They need immediate head from arse removal. how I wish thee would be CLEAR in what you expect. I plan to go full time this fall and I am sure I'll wind up on flat on my (get your head out of the gutter) face. Thankfully there aren't real individuals that will "see' me do this. I do my classes online. Since they are online are they really real?....hmmm well this headache seems real.

Friend...*sigh*....I wish I could take all your worries away. Make those that stress you go away. Show you the way to a better life for you. Only you can make that choice. When honey will you choose you? You are important and your health is what matters. F them and thier demands. They don't know nor do they care. Stop pushing away those that DO care. It's exahusting to us. We don't judge.