Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Features

Man is it Friday ALREADY. Where'd the time go this week. You'd think with a lack of sleep I'd of gotten something done. LOL Here we go with Part 2 of my Friday Feature. Here is Part 1.

So today I will feature pictures and tidbits of my spawn that I call Monkey. The name has been his since birth. He has ALWAYS been on the go. Seriously this kid doesn't stop. It is reflected in his sleep habits (or lack there of). At less then 8mths old he was trying to stop his morning nap cause his big brother was more fun to play with and he had things to do. This caused multiple times of falling alseep at the lunch table. Pretty much everyday. LOL I wish I had a pic to share. I mean I do but it isn't on any computer. Darn it. I am also too lazy to go find the disk it is on (he was born before digital camera's were so readily available).

Above is him on his first Birthday. Isn't he nice and cubby cute? (he was my only child to ever be chunky - again fits his name - often was he my Chunky monkey) LOL Chef was being silly when he put the hats on but he loved it. Who'd of guessed that this happy baby (he was ALWAYS HAPPY) would turned into a whiney little kid (thats coming)

Some of my fav pictures from the younger years.....(collective AWE please)

Sigh* I love that time. I wish there was a way to capture it and keep it forever. He was such a doll. Everyone loved (loves him) he is a major ladies man. The chicks ADORE him and the guys want to be his buddy.

I was nervous when we were expecting again. See LittleMan loved the idea of little ones but Monkey was more about all the attention for himself. I was thinking there'd be issues.

Does this look like a new big brother having issues?

He can multitask -videogames and patting baby sister. Below he is feeding her (not sure why that pic is so tiny but trust me it makes your overies quiver.) Such sweetness. My middle child is a wonderful boy.

The middle child. Is it true? Do they test you the most? Are they the ones that will make you wonder WTF was I thinking? I don't know but I do know this child knows his mind. If he doesn't agree or like it he finds a way of letting you know. He always has. I call it 2nd child syndrome. I've seen it in many families. I wouldn't miss any of it for the world though.

See told you ladies man. This is his BFF - they have been friends for 4 yrs now. She looks out for him and he adores her. Before he met Brat Baby #4 (it's HER daughter) he was BFF's with an adorable little girl in Turkey - they were inseperable. What is it with the girl's man. LOL

We've had a few hard times with Monkey but we've all learned and grown from them. He keeps me on my toes and teaches me paitence everyday (although I feel as if I am losing it most days). I adore him (as I do all of them). He makes me smile.

Things about him:

1. Wants to play soccer.

2. Loves movies.

3. Has a heart the size of Texas.

4. Major goofball

5. WILL be voted the class clown.

6. Gives the best hugs.

7. Always smiling (unless you've upset him)

8. Can't sit still.

9. Loves attention

10. My middle child.


Veggie Mom said...

Hey there, SITSta! I Stumbled you, and I'm glad I did!! Love the Friday Photos! BTW, please come on over to my blog, and join our Oprah E-mail Campaign. While you're there, enter the Great Pop'rs Giveaway. Hope to see ya soon!

Apple Joos said...

The picture you have posted second makes me want to yell "JAZZ HANDS!" You've got absolutely adorable children!

quitecontrary1977 said...

it's awesome that you manage to give each child special attention. what a good mom!

Love Kpop said...

I know there will be many difficulties and challenges but I am determined to do it. If it does not succeed then it will be a lesson for me as well