Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Evening of Fun

First we had a wonderfully goulish dinner of MummyDogs. YUM!

The kids are all ready to head out.

Found a perfect backdrop while out and about.

The group on the go.

My tired Tinkerbell. (one of my daycare girlie's)

Goofy siblings.


The Princess and her kitty. She wanted to be Leia for Halloween. I think she did it. (no my cat isn't evil...her eyes always glow when I take a pic)


Another house mom???

Happy Halloween

I thought I would start today off with some pictures of my children dresses and ready for Halloween. They had a dry run last Friday night when the FCC had it's annual Falls Fest. There were lots of games to be played, cakes to be won and candy to be nibbled before dinner at IHOP.

I spent about $15.00 on the costumes for ALL of them this year. Totally exciting.

The Princess wanted to be a black cat in honor of our black cat, Leia. She was so happy about it and we ran off together to JoAnn's to buy her some black tule for her tutu. She already had the ears and make up made up her beautiful nose and whiskers. She was excited about the makeup part. LOL She won first place in the costume contest for her age group at the Falls Fest.

We explained to the boys that they would have to think of ways to use what we had to make their costumes. Monkey immediatly said he wanted to be Batman and said he would use his brothers old "Scream" cape as his batman cape. With a little cutting and hot gluing we transformed into a great Bat Cape. Then he was set to the task of coming up with a mask. Luckly while at JoAnn's I found a Batman mask for $5.00. He was so happy. Then Chef cut out a great BAT symbol for his belt and I painted it.
He loved his Batman costume.

It took Little Man the longest to figure out what he wanted to be. Finally one day he jumped up and said he wanted to be a Zombie. Okay that works. I figured we'd just go to the Goodwill and grab some old clothes then I remembered that we had some that would still sort of fit him. Some cutting, ripping and rubbing in the dirt later and we had ourselves a dead guy. Grabbed some cheap makeup to finalize that "undead" look.
You can't rell but he is happy about it. LOL

I hope everyone has a safe and fun night of Trick or Treating.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Grandpa, you're ugly....

This is what the Princess told my dad.

See what happened was....

Dad came to pick us up from Puffin's house so we could spend the day at his house. When we got back to his house he went to change his shirt. Hey it's his house and he wanted to be comfortable. Anyways. So while he is changing his shirt the Princess walks up to him and says...

"Grandpa, you're ugly without your shirt on. Put it back on now please."

and then she walked off.

My dad about died. He thought she was so funny that anytime anyone walked into the house he told them what she said. He laughed all day about it too. Goofy man.

The Princess loved going to Grandpa's house. When there she was completely catered to. Our first day there he made HER exactly what she wanted for dinner. She ate all of it too. The next time we went for dinner before coming back here Grandpa made her THREE milkshakes. Yes 3, CRAZY. (they were very small cups btw)

This girl loves her "ugly" Grandpa.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Pictures

My little sister (Puffin) and me.

Princess, Auntie Puffin and Mommy.

Princess, Auntie Puffin, Bucket and Mommy.

Holly, Puffin and LC (my brother with another mother and father...LOL - it's too hard to explain) Well not really but it's best left at he is my little brother)

The Stanley Family. Me, my Daddy, L.C and Puffin.

More of the Stanley Family. Puffing, our mother and me. Of course my Princess and Bucket.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Beautiful Bucket

So the Princess and I got to spend 10 lovely days at home in Buffalo with my sister (Puffin), her baby daddy (Muffin) and her baby (Bucket).

Yes I said Bucket. Okay so the story is this. After spending so many nights up with a fussy baby who didn't want to latch on my sister lovingly started calling baby Chloe, "Bucket", as in fuss bucket. LOL Cute - no? Yeah I thought so too. So from now on she will be referred to as Bucket in my blog. My beautiful niece. Cindy and Jay her adoring parents call each other Puffin and Muffin. As in "Puffin a lot of pot" and "Love Muffin" Hey I didn't say THEIRS were cute. I just go with what I have to work with ok. (disclaimer: Puffin is no longer and hasn't in a LONG time been "puffin" so no calling CPS ok and I in no way condone the act but that's cause I'm a goody two shoes and well my sister was not)

In loving hands:

Immediately following this shot Bucket peed all over her Daddy's arm. OMG I was laughing so hard when he started shouting "She's peeing! She's peeing!" Which of course we KNEW she'd do because she can never be nekkid without peeing everywhere. Seriously every time her daddy would change her diaper he would have to change all of her clothing too. It was fitting I think.

This will be used as her birth announcement. Isn't it ADORABLE. Completely accident too. I was holding her and getting her to sleep when her thumb found it's way into her mouth. CUTE! Just HAD to take a pic.

The Princess with her baby cousin. She LOVED being able to have so much one on one time with her. She hasn't stopped talking about her.

Proud Auntie - never thought I'd become an Auntie from this sister. She was so adamant about NEVER having children. (my other sister H2 is pg right now as well and she is having a BOY!!! SO exciting) Watching her with her baby was awesome and I am glad I got to see them together during this bonding time. Bucket already prefers Mommy to anyone else.

Ready for her closeup - BUCKET!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So the boys have been playing football for the first time this year. They both have taken to it like they have been at it for years. Such naturals. Even for shorties. LOL Mush to Little Man's dismay they were given Bronco's jersey's. Anyone who knows us knows that Little Man (as the rest of us) is a avid Packers Fan. He couldn't BELIEVE that he'd have to wear a Bronco's jersey. He got over it when he was told that orange was his color...LOL. Such a vain boy.

Here's the team:

Monkey: (The photographer (not me - I was off to the side) had them looking directly at the sun for pics. Hence the squinty face.)

Little Man:

In action:

While I was MIA the boys stayed home with Dad so they could continue going to school and playing football. Little Man called me after the game to tell me that he made a Touch Down. They both went on to tell me that Monkey blocked for Little Man (who was playing Quarterback) so he could make a hand off pass. I'm so proud of my boys. Monkey went on to tell me that he "accidentally" tackled someone. OPPS - guess he got so caught up in the game he forgot that it was FLAG football.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth.

Monkey finally lost his other loose front top tooth. That sucker hung on for a while there. I thought for sure Chef would of taken it out while I was gone but alas he didn't. So the task was left for me to push for once I returned.

Monkey has always been a sensitive boy but he has been getting better as he has gotten older. I think for him though since he "knows" pulling his tooth will hurt and he knows it won't hurt long the fact that it WILL hurt freaks him out. No matter HOW much he wants it out. (money you know). Well we're already to take it out and he loses his mind. Crying and carrying on for apprently no reason although the reason to him is VERY valid. At this point there was no turning back. It HAD to come out but he had to open his mouth. I tried everything. Talking him out of the panic, holding his hands, coaxing him to open his mouth so his dad could get it out. It would only take a second. Then it would be over. He "KNOWS" this. Finally it resulted in Chef having to open his mouth and pulling at the same time. Thankfully that sucker came right out and Monkey could relax. Of course within moments he was back to being the happy kid he is. *sigh* being a parent is hard.

Makes me glad I chose to let him have Laughing Gas at his next dentist appt. Maybe I can bring some of that home for the next loose tooth. LOL

Where'd the heck did I go?

Well when you figure it out let me know ok?


Sorry I have been MIA. I was rushing to complete a million and a half assignments before 9 Oct 08. Why? Cause on that day I got on an air-o-pane to Buffalo. YIPPEE!!

Princess and I ran off for TEN days to visit with my sister and her brand new bambina. ADORABLE!

Unfortunally for my internet addiction my sister had no internet and no one around her had wireless internet I could "borrow". *SOB* (It was hard really it was and I pray none of you EVER have to deal with this)

I will spend this evening gathering up all of my "stories" so that I can be a good little blogger and have new material for my lovely internet addicts to get their fix off of. I hope I don't disappoint. I will attempt to have new blogs for you at least everyday this week. Cause I'm awesome like that.

Love to all.

I leave you with a pic of the Princess on the plane.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Great Hair

So with Princess in school now I have to do her hair so it stays put. I mean stays...LOL. I like for her to look her best whenever possible. All my kids really.

Here she is outside of school. See isn't her hair nice and neat. Here's what I did:

I pulled back two portions on either side of her part (I perfer to part it on the side since is how her cowliks lay and those fine baby hairs go) and use a tiny holder. Wrap it around a couple of times but not many as it will end up holding on it's own. Then I use the pointy end of the fishtail comb to seperate a part below the pony holder. Then I slip the pony tail through and pull to tighten. There I have a nice and neat knot. So put another one in so there are two on each side. This helps keep her hair back and off her face. Sometimes I will add some pomade to the hair before I make the pony knots.
Sometimes I just leave the back down but she has been asking for ponytails. Her teacher wears pony's alot and I think she wants to be like her. How cute. So I added some pomade to the hair left over and pulled it all into one ponytail at the back. Again I seperated the hair and slipped the ponytail throughit and pulled but this time I went the other way so the ponytail fell down over the knot. I slipped on a nice big bow to hold it in place.

Believe it or not IT STAYED all day. She looked just as cute at pick up as she did when I dropped her off. YEAH!
I find a lot of my ideas here at Hair Today.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What happened was???

It started out innocently enough.

Hey Look! It's Kerstie - man when did she get those HOlights? Well whatever works Sister. Whateva works.

Oh she hit a bump in the rode. WTF. Is that POLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is Polly doing in the trunk?

OMG Watch out! What the heck is going on here.

Oh the horror. Kerstie? Kerstie? Are you driving the getaway car? Oh no!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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