Monday, July 28, 2008


I was about 7yrs old. We were in Germany. Dad was in the Army. We had company over. (have no idea who they were) My mom made Spaghetti. It was homemade sauce. Made just like my Grandmother and Great Grandmother make. Only all of them are slightly different. (my sister told me a few years ago mine was the best - SWEET!)

I was trying to be a big girl. Mom let me carry my plate from the kitchen to the table. Half way was there it slipped. I saw it falling in slow motion onto my mother's light tan carpet. I KNEW in my little 7 yr old mind that my life was over (at least for the night). I waited for the slap, the scream and shove towards my room. I burst into tears. They came fast and hard.

My mother walks up to me and says "It's okay. Holly, it is okay."

I swear this is the only time in my life that I have made a mistake (and such a HUGE one - hello Spaghetti SAUCE people.) and I was told that it was okay by my mother.


AFRo said...

Holly - I hope that you visit Bad Mommy's site. Her hubby joined the service a few months ago and they moved to Germany last week. Sounds like you could offer her some great words of encouragement.