Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Features

So I decided that every Friday I will feature one of my children. (saw another blog do it and I thought what a wonderful idea - yeah I don't have many original ones so shoot me) A little about them. So this will take care of .... 3 weeks. Sorry I didn't feel like having a soccer team ripped out of me. Even though this was Chef's wish. I told him he could get another wife for the rest. LOL

So today we'll start with Little Man.

This guy:

I always knew my first born would be a boy. Considering that all the firsts in my family are girl's this was a lofty idea. Good things boys are first on Chef's side. LOL When we were at the ultrasound and they we cruising through checking the baby all out we had said we didn't want to find out. The US tech was pointing out the legs, arms, the cord and things like that when Chef and I looked at each other and smiled. We both KNEW it was a boy. So then the tech says are you sure you don't want to find out. I say I think we already know. She said oh yeah. I said yes it is a boy right. She confirmed. Although she didn't point it out there was no mistaken what we saw. I has my son. I was a happy mommy.

Fast forward a few months and the little stinker tried to kill me. Okay not really but we got so darn sick that they evicted him and he spent a few days under the billi lights. It's all good though baby. I forgive you.

He is my Little Man. Some might think that it's just the name I came up with for this blog but really I couldn't use any word better to describe this kid. He has ALWAYS been so grown up and wise. As an infant he knew what I needed. Which at the time was sleep and snuggles. He gave me both freely. He was a sleeper this one. He is the one I'll make all my mommy mistakes on, which I am sure are many. Being first born sucks man. Cause everything gets tried out on him first. It's not always that great believe me. I feel for him since I too am a first born.

We spent a few months that first year alone. Just the two of us. Chef was hanging out in the sandbox. Then Daddy came home (YEAH!) Then came these two.....

He didn't mind though. I think he was born being a big brother (became one at 21mths). It's in his blood. It's what he knows to do. He does it well. Although there are times when I wish to strangle him (more nowadays then not - ugh I hate prepuberty) I couldn't do a lot of this without him. He still knows what Mommy needs.

Quick notes about him:

1. He makes a mean bowl of cereal. Knows everyones favorites too.

2. Great at Math.

3. Friends are a priority (siblings on the other hand well thats another blog)

4. He enjoys fishing.

5. His "bunny" (you can see it up top) is his most prized pocession.

6. Greenbay Packers rule!

7. Had braces for only 8mths.

8. Had 2 sets of adult front teeth. (hence the braces)

9. Loves his Mommy, Daddy, brother and sister.

10. Has a Bionical collection (Oh and YuGiOh cards)


Aunt Becky said...

What a sweet dude. Little boys hold such a special place in my heart.