Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So this is what happened....

we went away last weekend....

LOL and we didn't take pictures. Well only a couple. Nothing spectacular. We enjoyed ourselves though. We ventured to the 16th street mall. While there nothing overly exciting happened. Unless you count the walking toliet. Which I TRIED to get a picture of but I failed. Really we even went so far as to sit on the benches waiting for it to walk by again. Alas it wasn' t to be. I even told Chef that I needed to blog about that toliet. I was going to post the picture and have the blog say something like "Is your toliet running? (insert picture) "Well you better go catch it" HAHAHA Right I know lame. Lucky for you I didn't get the picture.

You do get these though.

Had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. YUM YUM YUM Too bad we didn't get pics of the cheesecakes but we were too busy you see.

I don't take great pics this way. You should see the other 3 they all cut my head off in some way. LOL

Does this little guy look a little out of place here?

We then went to the Bass Pro shop (yeah I have proof - there's a reciept), the movies, dinner and then back to the hotel for cocktails (FREE BABY).

I only called my kids once (well twice if you count the fact that I was talking to Vicky while she was there and SHE put them on ...was I suppose to say no to this) We stopped by the mall to get them some candy for being so good while we were gone (2 nights I was away from my babies).

Silly kids. (oh and NO they did NOT miss me. When Princess saw we were back she said to Grandma Ruth "They don't come to tonight." )

We SO have to do this again.