Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Mr and Mrs Smith is one HOT movie. YUMMY

That is all.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Spiders and other creepy crawlies...

How do YOU get rid of them when they dare to venture in your home.

Why the heck am I even asking this? Well I went to unwrap my curtian sheer and there were 4 FOUR daddy longleggs hanging out there. WTF Usually here we are bombarded by moths in May but not this year no....this year it's the Daddy Longlegs. I don't get it. Luckily I have Chef and Little Man to get rid of them for me. Yep thats right I AM A GIRL! So what. They have been ALL OVER my house this month. I do not get it.

If neither of them are avaliable (Monkey tries but doesn't always want to get them) I use my handy dandy CONE vacumn. Yes I suck those suckers up. I can't deal okay so get over it.

So how so YOU deal with the critters?

Another Meme

This time from Ms. Kat over at Mama's Losin It. She is a lady after my own heart.

Rules (cause they always have rules)
* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
* Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. (Dude I'll try but I am lazy...LOL)

1. I am in college. Earning my Assoicate's degree in Early Childhood Education. I plan to take 4 classes this fall. This makes me a FULL time student. DUDE seriously! Where's the keg? I kid I kid all of my classes are online so you will not find me at the nearest kegger. *bummer*

2. My kids drive me insane but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else or with anyone else. The weekend away was a blast but almost too much. I think once they start school (in 3wks) I will be sad but also happy for us all to have that time apart. It'll make our time together so much more important.

3. I don't have IRL friends here. They have all moved. Except for this chick. But she is a hermit.

4. I have an internet/bloggy addiction. Chef didn't help it when he got me a laptop so I can be with the kids AND online. LOL

5. Chef cooks the most of our dinner's. I can cook but I don't always want to. Okay I never want to.

6. Chef goes to the grocery store for me. Weekly. Isn't he sweet

7. I do laundry on Sunday's. This means we don't leave home on Sunday's. If we do then the laundry gets behind and I get annoyed. I don't have time or want to do it during the week. It has to be done on Sunday. If I know we won't/can't be home then I do it BEFORE Sunday never/rarely ever after.

I tagg Stacy, Sonya, Sara (my 3 S's...LOL), Apple, Heather, Becky and Elisa. I also command/ask those who stop by here go to check out these lovely ladies as well. They are a hoot and wonderful.


Who doesn't love a good party. The ladies over at MOMDOT.com are hosting a Launch Party. Check it out!



I was about 7yrs old. We were in Germany. Dad was in the Army. We had company over. (have no idea who they were) My mom made Spaghetti. It was homemade sauce. Made just like my Grandmother and Great Grandmother make. Only all of them are slightly different. (my sister told me a few years ago mine was the best - SWEET!)

I was trying to be a big girl. Mom let me carry my plate from the kitchen to the table. Half way was there it slipped. I saw it falling in slow motion onto my mother's light tan carpet. I KNEW in my little 7 yr old mind that my life was over (at least for the night). I waited for the slap, the scream and shove towards my room. I burst into tears. They came fast and hard.

My mother walks up to me and says "It's okay. Holly, it is okay."

I swear this is the only time in my life that I have made a mistake (and such a HUGE one - hello Spaghetti SAUCE people.) and I was told that it was okay by my mother.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sweet Giveaway

The S.I.T.S ladies are having ANOTHER sweet giveaway. Go on over and check it out and make sure to get your name in the pot. Also mention you came from here. :-)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Features

Man is it Friday ALREADY. Where'd the time go this week. You'd think with a lack of sleep I'd of gotten something done. LOL Here we go with Part 2 of my Friday Feature. Here is Part 1.

So today I will feature pictures and tidbits of my spawn that I call Monkey. The name has been his since birth. He has ALWAYS been on the go. Seriously this kid doesn't stop. It is reflected in his sleep habits (or lack there of). At less then 8mths old he was trying to stop his morning nap cause his big brother was more fun to play with and he had things to do. This caused multiple times of falling alseep at the lunch table. Pretty much everyday. LOL I wish I had a pic to share. I mean I do but it isn't on any computer. Darn it. I am also too lazy to go find the disk it is on (he was born before digital camera's were so readily available).

Above is him on his first Birthday. Isn't he nice and cubby cute? (he was my only child to ever be chunky - again fits his name - often was he my Chunky monkey) LOL Chef was being silly when he put the hats on but he loved it. Who'd of guessed that this happy baby (he was ALWAYS HAPPY) would turned into a whiney little kid (thats coming)

Some of my fav pictures from the younger years.....(collective AWE please)

Sigh* I love that time. I wish there was a way to capture it and keep it forever. He was such a doll. Everyone loved (loves him) he is a major ladies man. The chicks ADORE him and the guys want to be his buddy.

I was nervous when we were expecting again. See LittleMan loved the idea of little ones but Monkey was more about all the attention for himself. I was thinking there'd be issues.

Does this look like a new big brother having issues?

He can multitask -videogames and patting baby sister. Below he is feeding her (not sure why that pic is so tiny but trust me it makes your overies quiver.) Such sweetness. My middle child is a wonderful boy.

The middle child. Is it true? Do they test you the most? Are they the ones that will make you wonder WTF was I thinking? I don't know but I do know this child knows his mind. If he doesn't agree or like it he finds a way of letting you know. He always has. I call it 2nd child syndrome. I've seen it in many families. I wouldn't miss any of it for the world though.

See told you ladies man. This is his BFF - they have been friends for 4 yrs now. She looks out for him and he adores her. Before he met Brat Baby #4 (it's HER daughter) he was BFF's with an adorable little girl in Turkey - they were inseperable. What is it with the girl's man. LOL

We've had a few hard times with Monkey but we've all learned and grown from them. He keeps me on my toes and teaches me paitence everyday (although I feel as if I am losing it most days). I adore him (as I do all of them). He makes me smile.

Things about him:

1. Wants to play soccer.

2. Loves movies.

3. Has a heart the size of Texas.

4. Major goofball

5. WILL be voted the class clown.

6. Gives the best hugs.

7. Always smiling (unless you've upset him)

8. Can't sit still.

9. Loves attention

10. My middle child.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What was I thinking?

I ask myself that ALL the time. Really I do. So it isn't only you wondering.

Recently it was "Why do I DO THIS?" I asked myself. (Actually I screamed it at Chef who then laughed at me *such LOVE*)

Why do you do what?

Why oh why do I continue to watch others children. I mean mine are all potty trained, in school (well almost will be Princess starts PrK in a few weeks), self entertaining children. I don't have to do ANYTHING but toss food at them every once in awhile (WHO said it HAD to be 3-5 times a day huh???? I want to meet this person).

So I asked myself this leading question yesterday after I changed yet another NASTY STINKY diaper from the sweetest little 2 yr old you'd find (although she isn't so sweet when she leaves me diaper gifts - she needs to potty train but that's another blog). I HATE diapers. I have two in care IN diapers (the other one doesn't poop here - she loves me). *sigh*

So that is the question - why? I mean it's not as if people actually APPRECIATE what I am doing. I mean really they are laughing that I am changing diapers and not them. Really they are. I hear them in my head. Don't you? (wait you say that's you? well *gasp* I'm offended - no not really)

I love my job really. Don't I have to? I get to stay home with my kids. I get to do whatever I'd like during the day (although I have to cart 7 kids with me (summer break)). I get to play. (have you played with sidewalk chaulk lately? Didn't think so) There's music and laughter. There's sunny days and snowball fights.

On the other hand there are fights, toy stealing, parents who don't "get" it but most of all there are stinky diapers. Thats the worst of all. If not for them this would be an ideal world (at least from 7:30-5:00 when there are no parent's around)

*Disclaimer: I enjoy the daycare parents I currently have. That isn't always the case and I feel very fortunate at this time*


So my Princess is four. For those that don't know it I have a HomeDaycare. Yes I am one of "those' people. You know you wish you were like me. Anyways I digress.

Princess is starting preschool next month. Why can't YOU just teach her you ask. Well I am and have been. See Pincess has this issue. She is so attached to me that I am a nervous wreck about how she'd handle K. So this year is a test run. Her confindence has been building so we're taking the plung. *drum roll please* She is going to the ABC Acedemy. Which is run by another AWESOME Family Provider. Only she caters her program to PrK only (I wanna BE her). Princess will learn so much. She already loves it too. We stopped by last Sunday to pick up the paperwork and chat with *A* about what the Princess would learn. She didn't want to leave. *YES!*

So while there Ms A has a wonderful system where the children are assigned a color. This color will be on all of their items to be used in PrK all year long. That way there is no second guessing as to who's is who's. Ms A had already hinted to me that another child was eyeing the pink color. So to avoid having Princess start off on the wrong foot and snatching something away from a potential BFF we guided her in choosing a non selected color. There were 3, red, purple and orange. I thought for SURE purple was a shoe in. fo reals man. The Princess stood there thinking about it for awhile (looking at all the colored bins). We hint that Ms A's fav color is purple. Mommy's fav color is purple. The Princess looks at us, looks at the bins......"Orange!" she says.


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I want orange."

Alrighty then. So my pink loving baby picked orange. My little gender specific rebal. It's going to be an interesting year in PrK. I will be sad. Come back on August 18th to check on me okay. I'll be a wreck.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where the heck...

oh my lordy. Where have I been?

Well I haven't fallin off the face of the earth I swear it. Just a short trip to the moon and back. Nothing major realy. I had to go off in search of my marbles.

Did I find them?

No no I did not.

It has been hectic around here for sure. I haven't even had time to feed my blog addiction and that is "MAJOR" as Victoria Beckham would say. Totally unacceptable behavior for a true blog addict. I swear they will revoke my obsessive license if I keep this shit up.

Someone go tell the powers that be over at the Subsidy evil hole to get thier act together so I can rest assured that I will get paid on the 15th. They need immediate head from arse removal.

School...school...school...oh how I wish thee would be CLEAR in what you expect. I plan to go full time this fall and I am sure I'll wind up on flat on my (get your head out of the gutter) face. Thankfully there aren't real individuals that will "see' me do this. I do my classes online. Since they are online are they really real?....hmmm well this headache seems real.

Friend...*sigh*....I wish I could take all your worries away. Make those that stress you go away. Show you the way to a better life for you. Only you can make that choice. When honey will you choose you? You are important and your health is what matters. F them and thier demands. They don't know nor do they care. Stop pushing away those that DO care. It's exahusting to us. We don't judge.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blogging Tips.

Over at Mama's Losin It there's an awesome blogging conference going on. There you'll find some greta blogging tips and info. So go check her out and see what she has to say. I bet you'll learn something you didn't know before.

Also check out this great blog MLI shared with us. Camp Carrie looks like fun and I am hopping on the next bus.

As always I adore the SITS ladies and they offer a wonderful way to find new blogs and you can even get yours featured.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Features

So I decided that every Friday I will feature one of my children. (saw another blog do it and I thought what a wonderful idea - yeah I don't have many original ones so shoot me) A little about them. So this will take care of .... 3 weeks. Sorry I didn't feel like having a soccer team ripped out of me. Even though this was Chef's wish. I told him he could get another wife for the rest. LOL

So today we'll start with Little Man.

This guy:

I always knew my first born would be a boy. Considering that all the firsts in my family are girl's this was a lofty idea. Good things boys are first on Chef's side. LOL When we were at the ultrasound and they we cruising through checking the baby all out we had said we didn't want to find out. The US tech was pointing out the legs, arms, the cord and things like that when Chef and I looked at each other and smiled. We both KNEW it was a boy. So then the tech says are you sure you don't want to find out. I say I think we already know. She said oh yeah. I said yes it is a boy right. She confirmed. Although she didn't point it out there was no mistaken what we saw. I has my son. I was a happy mommy.

Fast forward a few months and the little stinker tried to kill me. Okay not really but we got so darn sick that they evicted him and he spent a few days under the billi lights. It's all good though baby. I forgive you.

He is my Little Man. Some might think that it's just the name I came up with for this blog but really I couldn't use any word better to describe this kid. He has ALWAYS been so grown up and wise. As an infant he knew what I needed. Which at the time was sleep and snuggles. He gave me both freely. He was a sleeper this one. He is the one I'll make all my mommy mistakes on, which I am sure are many. Being first born sucks man. Cause everything gets tried out on him first. It's not always that great believe me. I feel for him since I too am a first born.

We spent a few months that first year alone. Just the two of us. Chef was hanging out in the sandbox. Then Daddy came home (YEAH!) Then came these two.....

He didn't mind though. I think he was born being a big brother (became one at 21mths). It's in his blood. It's what he knows to do. He does it well. Although there are times when I wish to strangle him (more nowadays then not - ugh I hate prepuberty) I couldn't do a lot of this without him. He still knows what Mommy needs.

Quick notes about him:

1. He makes a mean bowl of cereal. Knows everyones favorites too.

2. Great at Math.

3. Friends are a priority (siblings on the other hand well thats another blog)

4. He enjoys fishing.

5. His "bunny" (you can see it up top) is his most prized pocession.

6. Greenbay Packers rule!

7. Had braces for only 8mths.

8. Had 2 sets of adult front teeth. (hence the braces)

9. Loves his Mommy, Daddy, brother and sister.

10. Has a Bionical collection (Oh and YuGiOh cards)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The saga continues...

she's stuck. As of right now Cindy is horizontal. The baby is staying put. Her heartbeat is still strong (Doc is suprised at how strong it is). When I talked to her last night she was 1 cm and 60% effaced. As of this morning it hasn't changed at all which is good. She will move upstairs later today to hang out until she has the test that determines weather she'll go into labor in the next 2 wks or not. If it is negative she should get to go home.

I forgot to mention before that she is 28wks and 3 days.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not okay....

My baby sister is pregnant with my little niece. She is due Oct 4th (or so - they keep changing the date). Today she called her doctor about some tummy hardening. So she went in and apparently she has dilated a little bit. Right now she is in the hospital being monitored. I haven't heard anymore then that so please just keep her in your thoughts and send her baby sticky vibes. I do know that the baby's heartbeat is nice and steady.

America's got talent...

Go Little Man - Go Little Man....rock the hula - rock the hula!!!

Little sister had to give it a try.

Not yet baby...

So this is what happened....

we went away last weekend....

LOL and we didn't take pictures. Well only a couple. Nothing spectacular. We enjoyed ourselves though. We ventured to the 16th street mall. While there nothing overly exciting happened. Unless you count the walking toliet. Which I TRIED to get a picture of but I failed. Really we even went so far as to sit on the benches waiting for it to walk by again. Alas it wasn' t to be. I even told Chef that I needed to blog about that toliet. I was going to post the picture and have the blog say something like "Is your toliet running? (insert picture) "Well you better go catch it" HAHAHA Right I know lame. Lucky for you I didn't get the picture.

You do get these though.

Had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. YUM YUM YUM Too bad we didn't get pics of the cheesecakes but we were too busy you see.

I don't take great pics this way. You should see the other 3 they all cut my head off in some way. LOL

Does this little guy look a little out of place here?

We then went to the Bass Pro shop (yeah I have proof - there's a reciept), the movies, dinner and then back to the hotel for cocktails (FREE BABY).

I only called my kids once (well twice if you count the fact that I was talking to Vicky while she was there and SHE put them on ...was I suppose to say no to this) We stopped by the mall to get them some candy for being so good while we were gone (2 nights I was away from my babies).

Silly kids. (oh and NO they did NOT miss me. When Princess saw we were back she said to Grandma Ruth "They don't come to tonight." )

We SO have to do this again.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tag you're it.

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours…
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.
So….here goes.

Elisa over at Fairy Flutters tagged me to complete a quirky meme.

6 Quirky things about me.

1. I can't stand for anything to be left on my coffee or dining room tables. I realize that there are times there will be stuff left on them but it can't last more then a day or I get werid about it.

2. Little girl's with their hair all in their faces while out and about bother me. At home is one thing but if you leave home brush it.

3. I have to know where my kids are at all times. It's not controlling - it's being a good parent. I can't stand when people are at the playground and they are not watching their kids.

4. My playroom can't overly messy or cluttered even while the kids are in there playing.

5. I have to have my carpet steam cleaned as soon as I see spots on it.

6. My backyard has to be trim and green at all times.

Now I tag Stacy, Sara, Aunt Becky, Heather, Sonya and Apple to complete this meme.

OMG I had 6 people to tag....WOW...although thankfully it wasn't more then 6 cause I um don't know who I could tag then. I am thankful for the 7 people who actually stop by here. LOL

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stay away...

You know what you are. I am serious stay away. At least until Monday. Okay. If you stay away for now you can come Monday. I promise. I won't like it then either but it'll be better then now.

I want to enjoy my weekend away. I don't want a pouty husband. Chef is not cute when he pouts. So stay away. We finally get to go away with NO KIDS. Do you understand that this NEVER happens and may NEVER happen again until they are grown. Stay away please. I beg you. You give me a lot of grief all the time so you OWE ME. You hear that. You OWE ME.

We've been through a lot and I'll admit I never missed you while you were gone. I understand you're angry but this is the time to cut me some slack.

There are no vacancies for "Aunt Flow". Check in Monday.

New Blog....

Leelou Blogs
Hey all I thought I'd try out a new blog layout. Whatcha think? It's from LeeLou. Isn't she great. She has made a ton of free layouts. You can even order a custom header to go with the layout. In fact TODAY ONLY she is GIVING AWAY a custom header. Just go to the Tip Junkie to sign up. Hurry it ends at 8am tomorrow.

Here are few of my favs of her layouts.

(I'd link them but I don't want to infringe on copyrights. Just trust me go to her blog and check them out...okay)

Poppyseed Swril Flip
Family Circle

I love them all and had a hard time choosing those. LOL.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

11years ago...

We did this...

no not today but on the 5th. I would of posted then but we were busy doing this...

No not fighting with each other but we were at the Renaissance Fair. Then I went back and forth with myself about even posting it. I mean what is 11 yrs. I can't believe it has been 11 yrs. We've been through a ton and I am sure there will be plenty of more to keep us occupied for the next 11 yrs.

I read somewhere recently about loosing who you are when you have a difficult home (growing up)life. It really touched me because it is very true. Growing up I wasn't able to learn who Holly was. It was constantly overshadowed by family drama and my mother's issues (wish isn't for this post). I came to realize that through my husbands love I have found Holly. Now at 31 there is a person here who exists. Has thoughts and dreams and frankly who matters. I now know what is important to me and what I need to do to get it. Chef helped me become the person I am today and without him I doubt I would of come as far as I have.

This weekend we get to go on our first trip in 9 yrs as a couple. The kids are going to spend time with their Honorary Grandparents. I am so excited. I made reservations last night and we sort of have a plan. It's going to be interesting for sure. We've only had one other time where we've had hours during the day alone without kids. I am sure we'll constantly be telling each other that it is weird. LOL

Sunday, July 6, 2008


$35.00 - Price for 2 Adults into the Ren Fair on Kids free weekend.

$16.00 - Price for kids and mom to ride the Elephant.

Priceless - The Princess blushing when Aiden the Knight says hello.

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rude Much

Okay quick post then I gotta run. Well not run but I do have to workout (OMG) and it's late and if I don't get started I'll never do it and Chef won't leave me alone.

BUT first!

So today we were out and about. The kids were hungry so we took them to the King (BK).
Now this next part is not okay. If you're eating then I am sorry in advance okay.

I was minding my own business getting my kids thier drinks when I had to approach this "lady"

1. She was on her cell. Talking like I cared what she had to say. You know what I mean.
2. Her chubby (I can say this as I am as well okay) behind (PG rating) was pressed all up against the drink counter. (Not even the worse part)
3. Her muffin top was hanging all out of her skin tight jeans (if you can call them that) and her shirt was all hiked up!

So I approach said "lady". I say "Excuse me" (she is ignoring me) "EXcuse ME" (Now she hears)

She takes, I swear...2 mins to move her nasty behind from in my way. Now by this time Chef walks up and I say (to him) "Some people are just nasty and rude." (She gave me the evil eye...LOL)

So public service annoucement!

1. Stay off your freaking cell phone if you can not talk in a normal tone.
2. Wear clothes that fit and people won't be grossed out by your "issues"
3. Learn some freaking manners.
4. Don't stand between a Mother and her babies (or what her babies want/need)

Thats all.

Now I'm off to work my chubby behind out. Night All!

*Thank you Elisa - In my defense I was tired. LOL*

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

An then there was silence...


It is my favorite time of day. When the little rug rats go to sleep. Four sleeping beauties and 3 Prince's being ever so quiet for fear of having to lay down as well. Yes folks I am "THAT" crazy.

No no let me reassure you. These are NOT my children. I am not the mother of the next Gossling bunch. Not even close. I birthed half of thier broad yes. I am DONE. These little angels (when sleeping) are my daycare children. Yes people were/are crazy enough to pay ME to watch and mold thier youngins. She's one of them. So if you want to know why then ask her. LOL

Now back to the topic at hand. See I do this alone. ALL ALONE!! Hence my internet obsession. At least I admit it. It's fine though. I can handle it (dramatic pause) most days. Nothing makes the day go by faster then painting, reading and singing. Not to mention throwing, hitting and crying. Opps - not so rosey is it. LOL No no my group is wonderful. For all their wonderfulness (is that a word) though I still look forward to nap time.

Why? Isn't it OBVIOUS! I look forward to the time to read my fav blogs. Read a book for ME. Also it is my time to chat with friends. See this career (After 8 yrs I'd call it a career) comes with no smoke breaks. No sick days. Very few vacations. Although I do get a four day weekend this week. THANK YOU Independence Day!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh - the silence. Yes today, today has been a good day.

I feel I should be witty...

but I'm not. Do you ever go read other blogs and wonder. Hmm am I this funny, insightful or witty? I know the answer for me is *ROTFLMAO* NOT. I try - lord knows I try.

and Tiffany are witty and funny. Hey they were even smart enough to put together SITS. A wonderful sight that directs blog obsessed readers like me to new funny, insightful and witty blogs. How wonderful is that!

Ree is one of my FAVORITE reads. Over at the Pioneer Woman she not only COOKS, talks about daily ranch life but she is a kickass photographer. She is wonderful enough to SHARE reciepes and photoshop techniques. What a sweetheart. She was my first blog addiction.

The TIP Junkie is the place to go for wonderful ideas from around the blogasphere. Laurie takes time out of her busy life to share tips sent to her by US her readers. Hey I was even featured - how awesome is that. Right now she is having a 20day giveaway. FUN! Go check out the neat items you could win.

Lets see who else is wonderful (everyone is but I do have to get back to work you know - it is only breakfast time here and the natives will start demanding attention as soon as thier little bellys are full) Okay where was I?

Oh yes another fav of mine is Fairy Flutters. She is cute and funny. Her oldest daughter is the SAME age as my Princess. They are both May babies. I actually know of her from the Babycenter May 2004 board. (Great bunch of ladies there too) Elisa is so much more open and free then I am. I love how she views the world. I stop by daily to see what else she has to say.

The Nester over at the Nesting Place is a wonderful woman. She has many awesome ideas. If you've been there you know what I am talking about. Her sister is just as cute.

Aunt Becky at Mommy Wants Vodka tells it like it is. LOVE HER!

Here are a couple that I love to check out for ideas. The Crafty Crow, No Time For Flash Cards, and Franny Kate.

I have a couple real life friends who share the blog fun. StacyRenee is my sister from another mother (so stole that from LittleMan...LOL). She writes about her crazy life with her 4 wonderful kids all the while tryingt o survive her hubby being in Iraq. LOVE YOU DAVID!!! Sara USE to be my neighbor. As little as a year ago she was two doors over. Now she lives 5mins away (when the gate is open) but I rarely if EVER see her. See why I read her blog. LOL

Then there is this blog. Mine, my baby, my words, my boring boring life and I feel for you I really do. When you have to deal with THIS when you could have all THAT. I'll be better. I swear. I'll try. Peace and apple grease (is there such a thing as apple grease? I doubt it but it sounded better then the original...).

Yes I am crazy. See I have proof!

Meme from Stacy

Okay here are the rules: You link back to the person who tagged you, Post the rules on your blog, Share six unimportant things about yourself & tag six random people at the end of your entry. Enjoy the result!

1. Some parents get on my nerves.

2. It's not the kids. It usually stems from the parenting.

3. I do not like sweets.

4. I'd rather be reading a book.

5. I hate cleaning.

6. I am addicted to the internet.

I tagged Aunt Becky and Heather.