Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Moment of Silence Please!

Lets take a moment a reflect on the loss of the "Purple People Eater" (my old van). It sold today and is no longer with us here in CO Springs. May she enjoy her new home of Pueblo. May she bring joy to the Niece who's awesome Uncle bought it for.

I am proud of my little van. She did good today and got the immediate approval of a CO certified mechanic. Such a good girl.

Good bye! Thank you for all the lovely rides. Thank you for taking my family where ever we wanted to go (except when your engine died - but we fixed that) :-)

Good bye old friend.

Too much caffine?

Okay so yesterday I had the bright idea to go to Sonic during "Happy Hour" for some half price drinks between the time I get TouZaj from the bus stop and pick up Ch'neu from chior. Okay so far so good. I even in my smartness take along two sippy cups for the daycare girls as I have experienced the Styrofoam cup vs Straw speal before. Why in the name of all thats Holy would my 1 yr old DCG remove the lid from the sippy cup and proceed to spill her drink on herself? All to get to the ice. (well granted the ice from Sonic is the BOMB). SIGH MAN my new VAN too! Good thing I was smart again and got a clear drink. Ms. Holly 2 pts - Eva 1pt. LOL. Love that girl!

Meanwhile I got myself a lovely Rt 44 Peach Ice Tea. YUM!!!!!!!!!

Well all day long I have been craving a Peppermint White Choc Mocha form Starbucks (yeah I'm not a coffee drinnker but this is to DIE for) and I whined about it to anyone who would listen. Well only one cared enough to give me a fix. LOVE YOU BABE! So shortly after finishing my lovely Rt44 Tea I was sippin away on my "Died and gone to heaven" Mocha........

CAN WE SAY CAFFINE OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I felt woosey and faint for almost an hour. I was non functioning. DAMN I over induldged. But it was OH SO GOOD!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Holiday's

Oh boy - I haven't written much lately. Forgot the lovely post about our adventures in Christmas card picture taking. This year I attempted it on my own. The kids were lazin around (TouZaj was sick) and doing nothing. SO mom forced them into matching PJ's and displayed and configured them my way....nothing natural about our pictures people...LOL JK. I had them pretend to be sleeping...LOL yeah who sleeps with a goofy grin Ch'neu? LOL I don't want to know. Anyways after about 30mins we had enough shots to play with. I quickly got on and played around (meanwhile Ms Stacy was guiding my hand on IM) I think we did a pretty good job. They are not the kids in a Igloo like last year but their pretty darn cute. HEY they are my kids of course they are cute. Say otherwise and you might not be one of the select few to recieve a card.

So mark me up as the coolest mother this year. LOL. As people who know me know I go crazy over the holiday's and my house is an explosion of decorations (none outside though - can't convince DH that he needs to do that...LOL) Well this year I got my kids each of thier own Christmas Tree's to be decorated as they wished in thier bedrooms. Who knew that all day everyday since I'd get Thanked over and over for it. Below are some pictures of my decorations and thier tree's. They are so proud of them and picked out the ornamnets and stuff themselves. They even used toys from thier rooms.

On the outside note - I managed to find two deer at a garage sale in October. I got them for $5.00. Hoped they'd work but didn't hold my breath. Well THEY WORK. So out in my front lawn this year are Mr. and Mrs Deer. How cute is that!

Monday, November 19, 2007

New Ride

Chef came home a few weeks ago saying I needed a new van. Those who know me know about my Purple People eater. The poor baby is old but still runs well ok.

Anyways so every weekend he has been in search of a van. I wanted a Dodge with stow n go and a DVD player. Well he found me a van finally last Saturday. Needless to say it isn't what I wanted but it is nice all the same. I just have to get use to the size of this thing. My husband sure likes big vehicles. It took me a year to get use to driving the truck. Next he'll want to lift the van...ROFL. It's my daughters new home cause she refuses to get out of it anytime we try to come home. It is a pretty Chevy Uplander. Now if you've ever seen a Uplander what I'm about to say will seem pretty normal for you. My nice new family van is a SUV wannabe (or as my friend Nicole says - it's like a SUV *BLEEP* a minivan and they had a baby) a big baby at that. Now my extended family has issues (don't we all) and now for some reason my poor van has an identiy issue as well. As long as I don't name her Sybil or Ellen we're good.

I'm getting off topic though - she is a great ride. So smooth and such a gentle stop. The DVD player is a plus. There's no stow n go but I can live without it - since I never had it in the first place. LOL. She has power doors though and well frankly having 4 doors on a van for me is new. (Did I mention my old baby was a 95 and she only had 3 doors.) It is nice not to have to walk all the way around to let my kids out now.

As my friend Sonya said "It's not a soccer mom van." Very true! Here look for yourself. Sorry the pic is drak it was after 5pm when we got home the other night and I am not silly enough to take pictures again....LOL.

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I finally made the Pioneer Woman's famous Lasagana. It was my first time so I am a Lasagana making virgin. We usually buy the frozen ones and my kids gobble them up. I mad ethis last night and everyone enjoyed it. T was in a mood so we won't talk about his experience ok. DH even had leftovers at lunch today and he rarley eats MY LEFTOVERS....LOL. Dorky man is a meat man. Anyways I'm a dork and I took pics - sorry they are a little dark. Look at all that yummy goodness. YUM! See Shua isn't the only one who knows how to cook!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I need a nap

Okay so the weekend was a long one with Monday off and no daycare kids. YEAH! Right? No. T came down with a virus and was out of commision on Sunday - poor baby cause it was a nice day for bike rides and family outings. Instead we stayed home and did nada. Which in itself was nice but my poor baby was sick. Yesterday was back to work and it was pretty easy. Two kids didn't return yet so we had a small group and just played games and went out for a special lunch. So today we're full again. YEAH! Back to normal. Sort of. I have coughers and it's chilly outside. Poor baby's. So we're having another lazy day. I wish they could feel better. Poor little things. It's not about the germs spreading which is enough to make me run but it's seeing them not feeling well. My littlest dck is so sleepy and it's only 8am. Poor baby. I hope I can keep it contained. :-)

Oh did I mention the horror that it is almost Thanksgiving! Hello 1 week away! How'd that happen? Didn't we just have Halloween? Oh boy! Though I won't complain abotu the yummy food. I drool just thinking about it.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why she gotta do that for?

Sara tagged me for a work meme. At first I was like HUH? Now I think I get it though so here I go.

I had a paper route in the early 90's that I never saw any money from cause my mom stole it all. Hated that job - wonder why.

Then I worked at the Popeye's that opened in Baumholder Germany my JR of High School.

I worked at the Darien Lake amusment park in the summer of 95 out of Buffalo NY - cute guys and tshirts what more can you ask for. LOL

Shortly after I entered the delayed enlistment program and since I had time to kill I worked at the Golden Corrall in Lawton, OK as a cashier. I walked two miles each way to get there and home cause my mother didn't have transportation.

I joined the Air Force in Oct 95. I was an Airmen for my four years but got out shortly after my oldest was born because daycare was expensive and I didn't want to depol and leave him alone.

Oh then I satrted my own Home Daycare on base. I did that for a couple years until we PCS'd to Turkey.

In Turkey I worked at the Child Development Center (big strech form my previous emploment Had to quit when we PCS'd back to the States in 04.

Once in CO I reopened my home daycare again and have been doing this ever since.

Okay I have no one to tagg since I'm new to all of this and have no clue who reads my blog. :-)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I's smart don't you know

I's is very smart. Uh huh. I even have a pretty certificate that tells me so. I have offically earned my Child Development Associate Credential (otherwise known as my CDA)

What is that you might ask. I honestly do not know. Everyone tells me that it is an awesome thing and it'll help me if I choose to stop running my own home business and I'd like to work at a center or preschool. Sort of a degree (more like before you get a degree - like you've been through all the trainings why don't you have a degree...LOL) Most likely reason I don't is I get super anxity just THINKING about going to school again. *shudder* Yes I'm pathetic.

Here's a quote from the letter I received with my certificate.

"CONGRATULATIONS! Enclosed is your Child Development Associate Credential. You should be very proud because your credential is testimony of your demonstrated compentence in working with young children and thier families."

AWE - see I said I's have smarts. I have the papers to prove it. :-) Do you think they say that cause I sent them my hard earned money? Don't answer that!

Frog Legs

Sitting here on my computer. Lia is sitting on the couch cuddling with Daddy. *insert AWE here* They are watching the cooking channel. I vaguely hear what thier talking about when all of a sudden my sweet tiny adorable 3 yr old daughter says "Frog legs! YUMM!" WHAT! I shout. Daddy replies "My baby wants frog legs I'll have to go get some." I hang my head in shame. I thought this was MY child. My little girl who I could have pedicure parties with, watch girly movies with and all those assorted "girly" things.

Why oh why would a girl who hates anything NOT chicken and fries want FROG LEGS!!! WHY!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Okay so I happened upon another blog that I so love right now. I was just nicely sitting here waiting on the girls to go to sleep so I could go workout in the other room (another post-yikes) I got pulled in though and as they say the rest is history. This blog (which I will shortly add in the column under blogs) is sinful and it's hard to get away from. I only managed because I just have to share. She is a woman married to a Cowboy and they live on a working cattle ranch. Now thats not the sinful part. The sinful part is how she shares her reciepes and make you feel like you have gained 20lbs just reading them (I should be working out now...LOL) and her lovely true love story between her and her Marlboro Man. This story is so much better then half or more of the romance books I find myself reading (um very cheap at the goodwill Anyways I couldn't NOT share with my girls. Hope you find as much pleasure from this blog as I do. Now I am off to workout.

Friday, November 2, 2007

You can write your name?

KaLia can write her name. Last night at dinner she was playing with it. Then today at art tiem she wrote it out on her own. She is growing up too fast.

Halloween Pictures

The kids had a blast on Halloween. We went to a friend's house for a party before TOTing. She went all out and the kids had a blast!!! They want to go back to Ms Angie's house now. I swear we didn't even have to TOT after this party. LOL. It was chilly for TOTing but thankfully didn't rain like the forcast said. Got to love CO.