Thursday, July 24, 2008

What was I thinking?

I ask myself that ALL the time. Really I do. So it isn't only you wondering.

Recently it was "Why do I DO THIS?" I asked myself. (Actually I screamed it at Chef who then laughed at me *such LOVE*)

Why do you do what?

Why oh why do I continue to watch others children. I mean mine are all potty trained, in school (well almost will be Princess starts PrK in a few weeks), self entertaining children. I don't have to do ANYTHING but toss food at them every once in awhile (WHO said it HAD to be 3-5 times a day huh???? I want to meet this person).

So I asked myself this leading question yesterday after I changed yet another NASTY STINKY diaper from the sweetest little 2 yr old you'd find (although she isn't so sweet when she leaves me diaper gifts - she needs to potty train but that's another blog). I HATE diapers. I have two in care IN diapers (the other one doesn't poop here - she loves me). *sigh*

So that is the question - why? I mean it's not as if people actually APPRECIATE what I am doing. I mean really they are laughing that I am changing diapers and not them. Really they are. I hear them in my head. Don't you? (wait you say that's you? well *gasp* I'm offended - no not really)

I love my job really. Don't I have to? I get to stay home with my kids. I get to do whatever I'd like during the day (although I have to cart 7 kids with me (summer break)). I get to play. (have you played with sidewalk chaulk lately? Didn't think so) There's music and laughter. There's sunny days and snowball fights.

On the other hand there are fights, toy stealing, parents who don't "get" it but most of all there are stinky diapers. Thats the worst of all. If not for them this would be an ideal world (at least from 7:30-5:00 when there are no parent's around)

*Disclaimer: I enjoy the daycare parents I currently have. That isn't always the case and I feel very fortunate at this time*


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what *were* you thinking? LOL

I LOVE, adore, cherish and have the best time ever w/ my own kids. I have a good amount of patience but other people's kids? Uh, not so much!

I vote for doing something else to bring in some extra $. Wanna sell FYP? lol

Anonymous said...

You do it because you know you're good at it. And it's cheaper than putting your own kids in daycare.

(See you in the morning!)

Kelly said...

Love the new background! It's much easier to read!

How is your sister?

-Kelly, BBC