Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Where is your cell phone? Still in my purse - just got back from swimming lessons. The boys not mine. LOL

Your significant other? Laying on the couch all drugged up. (knee surgury people - he is military...LOL)

Your hair? Light brown and in a ponytail

Your mother? Crazy but my mother

Your father? I love him to death and he'd do anything for me.

Your favorite thing? Quiet Time.(do you have to ask I run a daycare)

Your dream last night? Have no idea - was knocked out cold.

Your favorite drink? Sweet Tea (the right kind).

Your dream/goal? To be an awesome mother

The room you are in? The Dining room if you get technical

Your ex? Is old. ROFL

Your fear? Losing another child.

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Illinos with my family and good friends

Where were you last night? here watching House...

What you are not? THAT girl

Muffins? Not really - more a bread girl

One of your wish list items? A vacation. (5WEEKS)

Where you grew up? All over - military brat

The last thing you did? Put The Princess to bed

What are you wearing? Grey sweatpants, hot pink shirt, sneakers

Your TV? on wrestling - darn that Chef...LOL.

Your pets? Ramsey and Liea.

Your computer? Gateway

Your life? Is good

Your mood? Tired

Missing someone? Always

Your car? 2007 Chevy Uplander and a 2001 Chevy Silverado - I see a trend here

Something you are not wearing? a watch

Favorite store? oh my - not sure. Depends on my mood and what I want.

Your summer? Hopefully enjoying the new backyard

Like someone? not many

Your favorite color? green, purple and blue

When is the last time you laughed? Today.

Last time you cried? Always - I'm such a sap - but the last one was when I was talking to my BFF about seeing her angel.

Who will repost this? I tag Elisa and Stacy (just to make sure she does it)

I'm a bad mother.....

While posting about motherhood no less then 5 minutes ago I realize....I didn't post about my son's birthday this month.

LittleMan turned 9 on the 3rd. He wanted to go bowling and to this indoor fun place. Okay whatever you want babe.

It was so funny bowling with these guys. They'd shout, pout and cheer for every spare or strike. We so have to go again. The Princess would get mad when she didn't knock them all down at once. Such dedication at an early age. LOL

LittleMan was just beside himself with all the things he could do and the choices. It was decleared the "Best birthday EVER." Not bad if I say so myself.

Here are some pictures. Aren't they cute.

LittleMan - Cake Time

Ready to play

Such Form

Monkey liked to run and throw the ball...watch out man.

The Princess setting up her shot.

Motherhood Photo

5 Minutes for mom is hosting a Photo Contest about motherhood for mother's day. We're to post a photo that says Motherhood to us.

I don't even know which one to start with. Pictures of my kids scream Mother to me. They are my kids after all. Then when I see pictures of others children I think Mother's too. Kids. They come from somewhere. They all mean something to someone. Motherhood changed my life. I don't look at things the same anymore (do any of us). I see a hurt or sad child my heart breaks. I read a moving story about a child and their mother I tear up. My baby sister finds out she is having a baby. I wonder at it all. So I submit this photo of my kids together. They are all smiling for once together. Aren't they sweet. The boys look so grown up and my daughter - oh my daughter. We almost didn't have her here with us. She's so fiesty and so sweet. These kids are my world. Even when I want to run away from home.

Talk about Tuesday

Goodness what do I have to talk about. hmmmmm How about how CRAZY this week is for me.

This week my last week of my first semester of college. I am taking online courses and everything ends Sunday. For me though it ends Thursday. WHY? Cause Friday - SUnday is nothing but running around for me. I managed to finish one test and one assigment yesterday so I have one more Final and one more assigment to complete. Not bad right? NOT - I can't logg into my classes this morning. I sure hope that gets fixed soon.

On top of that I have a Provider Dinner to attend Friday night. I still have to run out and get Flowers and a Gift Card for our coordinator sometime on Friday. I hope Safeway has GC's for the Macoroni Grill (it's her favorite).

SATURDAY - The Princess's 4th birthday party. I still have 7 tutu's to make this week. A 3 tiered Strawberry cake and to decorate. Not to mention a TON of finger sandwiches the day of. Plus I'm hoping to have time to take her across town to Build a Bear before the party. FUN FUN

So lots to do! Why am I on here then! LOL Talk to you later all.

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Friday, April 25, 2008


Yes I yelled. LOL Get over it.

Okay so I'm sitting here and Sara and I are talking on IM about blog nickanmes for my kids. (You know to keep some things out of the "world wide web" LOL - yeah thats hard for me so it'll take awhile to "switch" but I must)

Anyhoo - the most our sleep deprived brains can come up with are Little Man, Monkey and The Princess. Oh and I called my DH Chef (which if you've ever had his cooking you totally understand!)

Anyone want to suggest or come up with some snazzy, cool, fun to read nicknames for my kids? Give it a shot in the comment section. Plus I guess we'll see if I have any readers huh.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Okay everyone here's agreat giveaway for those of us with little girl's - well those with son's can enter too I'm sure but unless you plan to wear the pink bow yourself or know of someone who can use it I'm sorry. LOL

Alyson over at 3 P's in a Pod posted some tips on how to do your little one's hair and as a gift is offering to send you some of her favorite items to use. Go check her out. You know you want to.

Thursday Nights are MY NIGHTS

OMG so Ugly Betty, Grey's AND LOST are all NEW TONIGHT. Sorry but my kids WILL be in bed...LOL and I will NOT being moving from the couch for 3 yes thats right THREE HOURS. I'm going to feel SO good tomorrow.

I know it seems frivolous and obbsessive but I do not watch anything else with any regularity. Just these 3 and they just happen to be on the same night.

I feel sorry for those adhereing to "Turn of your TV" week." Thankfully I'm a weakling and didn't.

Sara - if you CALL then I will NOT be answering the phone so don't try to be funny. LOL

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My first Talk about Tuesday. LOL

Well the theme is to talk about our purses. Okay I can do that. Go HERE to see more Talk about Tuesday's.

My daughter is getting ready to turn four so I haven't needed a BIG bag in awhile. (she carry's her own often with what she needs inside - it's a ADORABLE Hello Kitty one) Then I can't actaully have a small bag either. Mine is somehwere in the middle.

Isn't it cute? Too me FOREVER to find one I liked. I didn't want the same ol same ol.

Here is an inside shot. HEY not TOO bad. Caught me on a good day. I usually have a TON more receipts inside. LOL

The first half holds: hand sanitizer, Medi-matte (Oil control Spray), my wallet (isn't it CUTE), 3 pens, pkg of tissues, a paper clip and some change that I threw in my purse the other day because while my wallet is cute it doesn't hold change well. I need a new one darn it.

LOOK at this bag that came WITH the purse. The front side pocket has a note in it instead of my cell. Cell doesn't really fit in it and usually gets thrown in the purse opening next to this bag (along with my camera)

Inside the little bag: another pen, Halls, more change, batteries for my friends little girls Cocluer (sorry I spelled it wrong) implant, makeup brush, Sweet Stuff Lipstick, Neutrogena lip gloss, i.d.bareMinerals makeup.

Almost forgot there is another zipper area in there that I hide the girly stuff.

Well that wasn't so bad.

Monday, April 21, 2008


OKAY so I was SUPPOSE to clean and and revamp MY room but somehow I got trapped in my daughters room and never came out. Well until it was finished. LOL

We finally put her bed up on a frame (before it was just a matteress and box spring on the floor) and I rearranged the stuff in there. DH put her TV up on the wall so that no one can change the channel from Disney and only he or I can turn it on. YEAH! Volume control baby. We also got these bed risers from Linens and Things because I wanted to use a under the bed container to store her bigger toys. (meaning I wanted to hide them away) She has no problem climbing up there but eventually I'll get her a small stool to use.

I also went through her summer clothes - um is it okay that my almost 4 yr old can still fit her 2T shorts? Um and no bottom was showing either.

I also got crafty on Saturday and painted some room accents for her bday coming up. I painted them to match her bedding form JCP.com. They are not in the above picture because - well we haven't given them to her yet. SHHHHHH!

(thinking of adding ribbions to the name plate for clipping her million bows to)

All in all what I wanted done wasn't done BUT at least SOMETHING got done. Now I need to force hubby to clean the fishtank and garage before his knee surgury on Wednesday.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Somethings wrong with me

I can't think about my friends Stacy and Sonya without getting weepy. It bites man. I am a 31 yr old woman and I have been a military brat, member, and wife for most of my life. I should be use to this by now.

I talk to them all the time though. Got to LOVE computers and instant messaging.

I get to go see Stacy this summer.

I know Sonya is LOVING her island life. Which is PERFECT for her. I am so happy for her.

Damnit if I "get it" and everything then why am I weepy.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've become Suzy Homemaker

Man I feel like a reg Suzy Homemaker. Now if you know me then you know this is NOT me. All my friends only come to my home because my husband is a damn good cook. I'll admit it he IS! I've been stepping up my game though lately.


I bought my husband SMACKDOWN Wrestling tickets (bought two days BEFORE they go on sale), sent him off to look at and buy a gun cabinet (found on Craigs List), made my own bread crumbs for baked chicken strips and put a pot on to boil with mini corn on the cobs - WITH mind you buttering the edge to prevent boil over (Sara taught me that).

I know this doesn't make a TON of sense but to me it does. That's all that matters right? To know me is to love me. So get over it. LOL

Now lets hope my chicken strips turn out.

Off to watch Still Standing Reruns while I await my dinner. You know you love it too. Oh and even better Reba comes on after.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Children, honor thy parents....

Everyone always quoted "Children, honor thy parents"...but NO ONE ever rememember the rest of the verse...."Parents do not incite your children to anger".....The Lord gives provisions for parents who want to walk all over their children. Yes, God wants us to love each other, but not to be a doormat!

Qouted from Itsnowornever on a parenting msg board.

So those who know me know I struggle with my mom's demands. Now I love her to death. She is afterall my mother. I've had to make some choices in my adult life to step away from her when it was too stressful. It was what was needed for my children and myself. I feel constant guilt though when I think of her and her life now. The holiday's are the worse time for me. Who's fault is it though? Mine for wanting better for my family. Not subjecting them to constant mood swings and guilt trips. I know that her issues stem from her conditions but does that mean I have to be abused by it. When is enough for a child (weather young or an adult) to say I won't deal with your issues anymore.

So for all of us children who feel guilty because we love but have to back away from parents who treat us badly. There is only so much. You have to take care of yourself first or you'll be no help to anyone else.

Happy Birthday Little Man

Where has the time gone.

Today my baby....my first born...turns 9!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

My Date.

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My date

So Monday afternoon my 7 yr old comes home and we have the following conversation.

Monkey - Can I go on a date tonight?
Mom - With who?
Monkey - Ianda.
M - Who is that?
Monkey - A girl in my class.
M - Well honey your too young to go on dates. Where would you take her?
Monkey - A resturant.
M - I'm sorry your too young.

He walks off with his bottom lip stuck out. His Dad then comes home and I let him know what was asked. Monkey comes back out.

M - Hon you realize that your too young for a date right. As you get older we'll let you go out on group dates but it will be awhile befor eyou get to go on a date alone with a girl ok.
Monkey - But I really wanted to go.
M - I'm sorry.
Monkey - Can I go on a date with you?
M - You have to ask your dad about that.

So he goes to ask his dad who tells him yes.

Monkey - He said yes.
M - Okay where are you taking me?
Monkey - Olive Garden.

So off we went. Cause you know you can't pass up when your 7yr old wants to go out alone with you. It was a great dinner. He ordered an appitizer and dessert. I didn't think he'd ever stop eating. LOL Then when I asked if he brought his wallet he then tried to convince me that one I drove so I had to pay and then he tried to say that we needed to trick the server. Which led to a talk about how that isn't nice. So needless to say I paid (go figure). This boy can talk too OH MY!

Desk project

Man I'm full of things today. I will say though I've been meaning to make these posts for awhile. LOL So now that I have a moment I figured I'd get them out there. Thats of course if you even care. Do you care? LOL I don't know and either way this is my blog. I'm sure SOMEONE cares.

My desk is a mess. Who's isn't you say. Well this is true. Mine is located between my dining room and my living room so I have to look at it ALL THE TIME. I have two piles of papers - 1 of things I need to keep on hand and 2 is of papers needing to be shredded. I got sick of looking at them both. So I made myself some cute little boxes that stack on top of each other. One for each pile.

Started out with 2 white photo boxes from Micheal's, 4 sheets of scrapebook paper, 2 rolls of ribbon, tape and a hot glue gun.

The scrapebook paper wasn't long enough to cover the lid of the boxes so I had to tape the two ends together (of matching paper). Then I wrapped the lid as you would a present (well a nicer present...LOL). Because the "seam" was showing I took two strips of ribbion and hot glued it over it tucking the ends up under the lid.

Here's a pic of the pretty boxes:

I also had 3 sheets of paper stapled to my wall behind the phone for daycare. I hated how just there it looked so I framed them in black frames
(formally known as brown frames that I spray painted black).

Here's a picture:

Here is the area all together. Now doesn't that look so much better then the vision of papers everywhere. (Sorry I didn't take a before shot)


Well the table is finished. Sort of. LOL The sealant on top isn't perfect so for the time being we're using a table cloth and plexiglass on top. In the next couple of months I'll drag it back out to redo the sealant on top. Here are pics of it now though.



With Tablecloth and Plexiglass:

Oh I won't mention that it would of probably (just probably) been easier to do and or turned out if 2 little tiny things had been done by DH. I won't mention that one he could of used wood conditioner......two when we got ready to seal it he could of put a thin seal on first.....these are just could of's though. I am in no way an expert. I did mention them before hand though and got shot down each time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Are you coming to dinner?

Simple enough question.

Not so simple though. The friend in is another state. TN to be exact and I am...well I am still in CO.

"So whats for dinner?" she asks
"I have no clue." I say
"Taco's. I think I'll make taco's." She replies
"HEY I have that." I exclaim "I think"
*runs to check for ground beef*
"Yep, I have that."

So we're each making taco's. Does this mean we're having dinner together? Oh this was so much simplier when we both lived in CO. I think I have to move. YES! Thats it I have to move.