Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I plan to dust. I really really really need to dust. It's been that long. LOL. Thing is - I do not feel well at ALL. Darn girls hared thier colds and here it is 3 wks later (after the first one showed up sick) - it's been through everyone and NOW ME! I am miserable. It's a movie day and leave Ms. Holly alone day. Think that'll happen? Probably not. I will manage to dust at some point today. Other then that it's fair game. Hope everyone is able to tackle their own projects today. Did I mention I have a paper due for college? I can't even string two thoughts together - oh boy!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I think I need a harder heart or something. I am missing the gene that helps me not care when someone hurts me. Although it might be interntional it still hurts me. I haven't learned how to not be hurt.

I can do without phone calls and messages cause I know we're all busy. Just touching base with me is nice and my closest ones are great for that. It's when I plan on something or do something and then I have it not matter to them that I get hurt.

Wordless Wednesday

It's a long way back up.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

He broke my baby...

This weekend was a great weekend for sledding. We took them on Saturday and the boys asked if they could have snowboards. So they bought them with thier own money and on Monday it snowed again. Chef took them cause I needed to log onto school. After about an hour he called and said they were on their way home. Already? Yeah The Princess had an accident. What happened? She ran into another kid and gashed her nose.

SO they get home and the poor baby is covered in blood. She scrapped the skin off of her nose pretty well and the accident caused a nose bleed. Monkey reached her first after the accident and I think it upset him pretty bad cause he kept asking her if she was ok. He also was giving her a ton of kisses. The mom of the other kid I think; scared him cause she kept telling Chef to take her to the ER. It was just a nasty scrap and she was fine. Actually once they reached the truck to come home The Princess was more upset about there being blood on her new gloves then anything else. Here she is with her mini nose job after bath last night. (yes that is Hello Kitty)

Don't scroll down if you don't wish to see the booboo. It is shiney from the Neosporin. I hope I can keep it from scaring. I have Mederma for once it's healed.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Everyone knows Shua cooks. He does - and he does it well. My friends are only my friends cause my husband feeds them. Who says the way to a man's heart is through his stomach - in this case it's the woman's...LOL.

Shua and I always talk about what we want to do in the future. Last night was no different. We were discussing for him to open a resturant of some sort. I told him to start small and offer meals one night a week to people he works with/knows and so forth. Like he plans a menu and tells them it's $10.00 a plate and they just come to the house eat and go home....LOL. ( a person in Turkey di dit with Asian food and OMG everyone about died when she PCS'd...LOL) Then as we get built up he can open a seperate place and serve dinners on a reg basis. Ch'neu of course is particpating in this conversation.

Ch'neu: Daddy you SHOULD do that.
Shua: Yeah but it'll be a lot of work for me.
Ch'neu: I'll Serve!


It was just too cute how he is all you can do it cause I'm serving the food...LOL.

Oh and if you've never had Shua's cooking - I'm sorry. LOL

Win an Insignia Bluetooth MP3 Player

Win an Insignia Bluetooth MP3 Player from the lovely ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom and the generous people at Best Buy.

Who doesn't need a Great MP3 Player - my 3 yr old has a FP one...LOL. I need one darn nabit or I can share with Shua I suppose.

Sign up if you want a chance to win. Click the 5 Minutes for Mom link above.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was visiting another blog today. She has posted her wedding photo. Oh how beautiful she was (she still is). She mentioned soemthing that I think about often. What happened to that "in love" feeling we all had on our wedding days? I LOVE my husband and can't imagine my life without him in it. At the same time though he annoys me like no one else can. He can make me so angry that I just want to beat the crud out of him. Why's he do this? How come the one person I adore (on good days) can also be the one person I want to stab with a butter knife. LOL. (everything said in jest I assure you) I miss that tingling feeling I would always get in anticipation of seeing him. I still would rather be with him then anyone else. As you get older do we just not get those feelings anymore? There was a time when I'd anticipate his coming home with excitement and happines. Now I'm happy cause once he is home he can take care of the kids. LOL. I will say it's not always because of the kids - have you ever had my husbands cooking! LOL I joke seriously. I still love and want him home. Like I said previously I'd rather be with him then anyone else - even if it means taking the kids to the store with us when all I wanna do is run away from their bickering and whining. (another post later about how I really DO love and adore my children) Recently on a trip to Wisconsin my new SIL made a comment about how we're in love still. Are we? I guess we were relaxed the kids were being taken care of by thier Aunts and Uncles and Chef and I were able to walk around and enjoy things. She loved that we held hands and stayed with each other when we were all at the zoo. Maybe it means there's hope. When the kids are older and more independent - maybe then we'll have more time for each other to get back to being in love.

The below photos are scanned and not the best quality.

For good measure and to carry on the theme - a picture from our wedding day.

One of my fav photos of us taken in 98 while visiting his family in Wisconsin. We are wearing traditional Hmong clothes.

Recent photo taken at the 07 CE Holiday Party.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not so Wordless Wednesday...LOL

See the boys? Thier mine. :-) See the Limo and the bus? They are the Extreme Makeover Limo and Bus. The boys and I were there last Fall when during the reveal of the beautiful home for the Woodhouse Family (it aired last Sunday). We watch it diligently and saw the boys on air. LOL It was very exciting and the boys loved it. Hopefully in the future if we're ever near another deserving home we'll be able to volunteer. The boys really enjoy the works of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Team. Here's one more pic....

No I am not drooling...but are you?

Pedal Car contest

Win an awesome retro style Pedal Car from the ladies at 5minutes for mom.

Won't your preschooler (or mine...LOL) look adorable in this going down the sidewalk.

Click the links above to learn more.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


Did I mention taxes? Yes today is the day I get these dreaded taxes finished. Wish me luck. I've spent forever putting everything together. Lets hope my record keeping pays off. LOL.

Edit: I'm finished for another YEAR! YES! LOL

Monday, January 14, 2008

Contest: Brita faucet-mount filter and a reusable FilterForGood bottle

Check out workout mommy for her new contest to win a Brita faucet-mount filter and a reusable FilterForGood bottle.

I now I entered. I so need to get back into my workout routine. Love this link and will check back to it a lot.

The Princess's Angel

On Saturday we were driving around town when The Princess started talking about her angel. This is the converstation.

Princess - "Abigail is my angel."
Me - "What?"
Princess - "Abigail is my angel."
Me - "Yes hon she is" (I look at Chef?)
Princess - "Little Man is not my angel, Monkey is not my angel, Amaya is not my angel..."
Me - just listening to her...
Princess - Eva is not my angel, Emily is not my angel, Alaina is not my angel...
Me - still just listening...
Princess - "Thier my Freenzs but not my angel. Abigail is my angel."
Me - "Yes dear she is.

Sunday night we're sitting in the living room. I just braided The Princess's hair for bed and she'd dancing around.
Me - "Your cute."
Princess - " I look like Abigail"
Me - "Yes you probably do"
She smiles and dances around.

A touch of background for those who might not know. Abigail is our daughter who passed as a newborn before Princess was born. We think about her often but don't always talk about her. To have Princess bring her up out of the blue two days in a row is amazing to us. Sisters and angels.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Playing with snow!

Playing with snow! Not what you expected when you saw the title huh? LOL Well it's one way to do it and all of the girls loved it. (thats my DD in the pic). I brought it in for a daycare sensory table. Since we all didn't have snow pants this was the better way.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday blunders...

Okay having an issue. LOL Everytime I try to post a picture (not a slideshow) it gets HUGE and doesn't fit. I have tried resizing it in Photobucket before I use it but it isn't helping any. Any ideas?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Well I won't have any before or after pics because today is appts. I need to get to my College Advisor appt today even though the base is on a 2 hr delay. Which means my kids won't be here until after 9am and I have to get across town after that by 1000. FUN FUN. Lets also hope after that I can get my Student ID and Grant voucher by Thursday.

Hope everyone is able to Tackle thier projects.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Contest from Lookit! I Spy...

Check out this cool contest from Lookit! I Spy...

I know I could definatly use one of these little gadgets (In steps the Omron HJ-112 Digital Premium Pedometer). It is so cool. I'm always moving around during daycare and it'll be great to know how much and if I can increase it daily. I work from home but there can be many oppurtunity's for me to move and this little guy will help me know if I'm doing it. Check it out! The contest ends 9 Jan 08.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I'm 7!!!

Happy Birthday Monkey!!!

My middle child is 7 today! Where has the time gone?

Getting a edumacation.....oh yeah!

LOL Well after years of anixety and no plans I have enrolled in Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) to begin my journey in the higher learning relam for my Director's Certificate in ECE (Early Childhood Education). Isn't my mommy proud of me!

This whole thing started last week with me running aorund like a chicken with my head cut off to get as much done as I can while off before classes start on the 14th. YeahI sai dthe 14th and yeah talk about wiating til the last minute huh. Actually it hasn't been all that bad. I have met with some great people who basically walked me through it and I am on my way.

Today I tested at the Pikes Peak Workforce center (PPWF). They are the people who hopefully will give me a grant to pay for this endeavor. (sp no one said spelling is my strong suit) I had to score at the 9th grade level. Well I did WAHOO...LOL. I scored past 12th in reading and everday mathamatics and a tad lower in the other matahmatics section. (opps I don't know my fractions - sorry Mr Dougan.) The scores don't matter though cause I scored above thier cut off so it's all good. What do you people except for a 31 yr old who's taught preschoolers for the last 8 yrs....last I checked they weren't doing fractions....LOL.

Friday I will take my placement test for the PPCC. Next Tuesday I meet with my advisor to get my training plan filled out and then off back to the PPWF to (hopefully) get my Grant Voucher signed. Then off to my first college bookstore (I don't think looking around the WI Badgers in Madison WI's bookstore counts...call it a hunch.)

My classes are online and start on Monday 14 Jan. I'm currently enrolled in Intro to ECE and Curriculum Development. Yeah me! :-)

After I earn my Director's Certificate I'll continue on to my Associate's degree in ECE hopefully. Starting here cause the Grant is for people to earn something by the time the grant period is over and I can earn my DC in that time.