Sunday, February 22, 2009

10 minute makeover cont....

I was so inspired by Nesters 10 minute makeovers that I am currently on a kick of changing things around the house. First up is the downstairs bathroom. As many know I have a Home Daycare. Well after breakfast we brush our teeth and for the longest I had these cute little suction style cups on my mirror that held their toothbrushes. It was unsightly to say the least. All of the kids are older now and it's time for our environment to reflect that. This is still a home after all. :-)

After going through some of the blogs listed at Nester's 10min makeover party I saw one that sparked an idea in my head. This is what followed.

As you can see the drawers in this bathroom are TINY. Nothing fits. Not to mention since little hands will be in them nothing "keep out of reach of children" (ie anything) can be kept in them. For the longest all I had in them were bibs and Princesses tights (which are now upstairs).

See how tiny. Not much room huh?

I lined it with some of that handy drawer liner.
Chef "built" this cute little tray for me that has five slots for toothbrushes for the daycare kids.

Don't they look cute in there?

With what was left we built a tray for the other drawer for our kids toothbrushes as well.

I would of make a spot for the toothpaste as well but that is one of those "keep out of reach of children" items. LOL

A Girl's Day Trip

The day before Valentine's Day the ladies (and the girl's) headed up to Denver for the day. We were on a mission.

1. Go to the Health Department and pick up Little *z*'s Birth Certificate.
2. Lunch/Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.
3. Stop at Lakeshore for some "business" shopping.
4. Stop at the Outlets for clothing retail.

Picked up the Princess from school early and we were off. The girl's relaxin in the back with some movie entertainment. I will say - Denver "downtown" HATE IT. UGH no one knows a thing about driving. Run and grab the certificate.

Next is food. Since Princess was "hungry" it was the first stop before shopping. Since this is where we were headed we forgave her. I mean seriously *drool*

Also to top of a delish and fun lunch. What a better end then this....doubt our spouses could one up it for Valentine's Day. *drool* Opps anyone have a napkin??? Sorry about that.

This one is my Vanilla Bean Cheesecake and oh my goodness it HAS to be the best cheesecake I've had. I had to get another one to bring home too. *YUM*

This was Reagan's Snickers Cheesecake. Very good as well.

Big Z and little z shared the cheesecake goodness wtih us but Princess is anti cake anything so she got one of these (don't worry we asked Z and z if they wanted some but they said no).

This is Sara's Taramisu Cheesecake. It was tasty.

So after our belly's were full we headed out to Lakeshore and spent a good hour in there before I asked the ladies behind the counter to PLEASE make me checkout. LOL That then forced Sara and Reagan to checkout as well. We all love that store.
It was getting dark so we started for home. On the way we stopped off at the Castlerock Outlets so grab up some spring deals for the girl's (Reagan's little peach was at home with Daddy). After another hour or so we crawled back into to head back home.
It was a great day trip and lots of fun. I hope we get to do it again soon. (Although Chef says no pooper...LOL)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So exciting....

Recently you've all seen my bedroom makeover. Well Ms Nester my fav home decorating blog is hosting a party. Go check it out.

Monday, February 9, 2009


This is the top of the Princess's head this morning before school. She had no idea I was even doing it until it was done and then I needed to take a picture of it so she could see it. She loves it.

No this was not my idea. LOL It is a variation of this one. Now my Princess has short hair so it's a smaller heart but the idea is the same.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Always and forever

There was a little boy who once adored Princess. In all his baby goodness she equally adored him. His first Valentine's Day (and her second) he suprised her with a shirt. "Give me your heart" it said and give it she did. All of us did.

I cleaned out her closets again today. Everytime I do I see this shirt, which always hung in there even though she outgrew it 4 yrs ago. Today we decided that Pooh Bear needed a new shirt and he now proudly wears it.

Are you kidding me?

Okay so yesterday we were out and about. Took the kids to see Hotel for Dogs (cute btw) and lunch. Then Monkey asked to go to Walmart and I said okay cause they all needed to pick out valentine's anyways. So off we went.

So we get through Walmart relatively quick (for us..LOL) and hop into the 20items or less line. We're being rung up when the cashier say "This doesn't have a tag." "Oh no - I'm sorry." I reply as I wait for her to finish. Then she hits total....without finding out the price of the item without a tag. She looks at me for the payment. I say "I still want this." "Oh um okay" is her reply. She keeps LOOKING at me. I am starting to think WTF here. So I look back. Finally she says "Where was this?" and I reply that it was by the Valentine's Day stuff (it was Princess's gift for Ms Wonderful). So stomping off she goes.

I mean seriously? She just assumed that I would no longer want it because there was no price on it? That is not my fault and no it is not MY responsiblity to go looking for a price either. Excuse me but why do you have those handy dandy call buttons?

Stupid people annoy me.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day craft

I actually did this craft last year for Mother's Day with the daycare kids but a friend reminded me that it would be a great Valentine's Day craft also. So I figured that I would share. Aren't I nice. (Don't answer that)

So start with a beautiful subject (that's Princess) and have them hold the fake flower you're giving. Take a pic of the child holding the flower.

Then I printed the pic as a 8x10 on reg paper (I'm cheap thats why...LOL) I think glued the picture onto a piece of construction paper (to make it stiff for the flower). I sliced a tiny hole above and below her hand holding the flower. Finally you insert the flower and there you go.

Cute huh!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

A retreat.

So I feel that every woman needs...a retreat. A place they go into that just relaxes them. I have been searching for mine. I wanted it to be my bedroom. A place that I would enjoy some solitude. ... such a place was not to be. I searched high and low for bedding that would be soothing and romantic ... I found some at Linen's and Things...but it was a short lived love. It feel apart within 2mths. INSANE! Not happy. THEN they go out of business. Those fools! I didn't know what to do. I searched every where. Then Sara....(think she got tired of my complaining) said "Why don't we just make it?" "Really? mmm" I replied. Not completely sure about that.

So a week or so later we're off to JoAnn's. Promise we won't take long (anyone else hear the laughter?). I am in heavan! So much to choose from. (she introduced me to the home fabric area) I didn't know where to start. FINALLY we find the starting fabric...and then I just keep choosing and choosing....this for the bed, this one for pillows, oh might as well as cover the stool the cat ruined (grab that one), OH need trim, and tassels. SO MUCH! I was excited.

Got home and started in right away on the stool and the curtains. I took the easy way out and hot glued the curtain seams (no sewing) and just pinned and tucked the stool cover and hot glued on the trim. Nice! Took and hour.

Yes the curtains are only hung with rings and clear command hooks. Easy peasy.

Here's the stool. I just hot glued on the trim around the edge of the stool. I like how it somewhat contrasts with the bedding. Bringing some "testosterone" into the room.

So a week passes by before I can even THINK about doing the rest of it. Because this WILL require some sewing. Finally I woke up on Saturday and said well hell I better get it done. LOL.
That's with TWO table leafs in the table. GAH! The blanket/duvet like cover took FOREVER (I have the backache to prove it).

Below is one of the toss pillows. I cheated...sewed the square and THEN fabric glued the trim around the edges. Held it in with pins until it dried.

So I made everything and I mean everything. I still have to finish the bottom of the cover (glueing velcro onto it so it "closes" at the end), the bloster pillow and a rectangle envelope pillow. Other then that....(very minor things) I'm done.
Drum roll please.................

SARA! Get OFF the bed!
Okay NOW you can see it.

I also want to add trim to my lampshades so they coordinate.