Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rude Much

Okay quick post then I gotta run. Well not run but I do have to workout (OMG) and it's late and if I don't get started I'll never do it and Chef won't leave me alone.

BUT first!

So today we were out and about. The kids were hungry so we took them to the King (BK).
Now this next part is not okay. If you're eating then I am sorry in advance okay.

I was minding my own business getting my kids thier drinks when I had to approach this "lady"

1. She was on her cell. Talking like I cared what she had to say. You know what I mean.
2. Her chubby (I can say this as I am as well okay) behind (PG rating) was pressed all up against the drink counter. (Not even the worse part)
3. Her muffin top was hanging all out of her skin tight jeans (if you can call them that) and her shirt was all hiked up!

So I approach said "lady". I say "Excuse me" (she is ignoring me) "EXcuse ME" (Now she hears)

She takes, I swear...2 mins to move her nasty behind from in my way. Now by this time Chef walks up and I say (to him) "Some people are just nasty and rude." (She gave me the evil eye...LOL)

So public service annoucement!

1. Stay off your freaking cell phone if you can not talk in a normal tone.
2. Wear clothes that fit and people won't be grossed out by your "issues"
3. Learn some freaking manners.
4. Don't stand between a Mother and her babies (or what her babies want/need)

Thats all.

Now I'm off to work my chubby behind out. Night All!

*Thank you Elisa - In my defense I was tired. LOL*


Elisa said...

Did you mean "chubby"? I was totally confused. LOL

I try to not be on my cell phone when someone is helping me (like at the bank or a drive thru or a store). Some people really have no clue.

Congrats on going to workout! I know all too well how hard it is to fit into your day!

Sara said...

Dude. Thank you for that. Saves me a rant or two. Or twelve!

Lindsey said...

Do you live in Iowa? I think you ran into my step-mom.