Monday, September 24, 2007


hmmmm okay so today's the day. The day when Monkey is going to school with no more meds. I feel that the K team pretty much forced us to medicate Monkey last year otherwise they would of treated him as if he had the plague and was a degenerate 5 yr old. His teacher this year is sweet and wonderful and understands the needs of an ADHD child. OMG seriously! LOL So after much thought we decided to give it a go and today he mad ehte plunge. Here's to hoping he does well and everyone survives. Don't get me wrong he isn't THAT bad - he really isn't and anyone who knows him knows this. Putting him on meds last year was mostly to not kill his LOVE for school since he went to class with over 22 students and 3 teachers who didn't give a damn. Not just my thoughts either. My good friend Stacy's DD was in that class everyday and she could tell you stories that would make your head spin. But I digress.....good luck to my baby boy.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I have no clue

Where to start? How does one start a blog? Who does one share a blog with? I am a mother of 3. Two crazy boys and a princess. Though I lay no claim in the assistance of said girl and her princess status. Our dear friends hold that honor. She spent one small afternoon upstairs with thier 3 daughters and all of a sudden we have a "Pretty, pretty princess" in the house. I hope to be able to raise my son's to be good men - you know the one's. The one we all look for and hope our husbands are. Those that look out for what is theirs and know the value of hardwork. Most importantly I want them to know how to love.