Friday, November 13, 2009

Tip Junkie is giving things away.

She is using this time to promote Mom-prenuers (mom's who own their own business) and is hosting 2 giveaways a day until 20 Nov. There are many ways to win and awesome deals to be had. Make your way over there and check it out for yourself. (you know - cause I'm never on to tell anyone what to do *wink* wink*)

Princess Stories

It must be hard to be 5 and in school all day. This is the Princess right after school on the way to drop the boys off at Art School.

My kiddos

Princess and I went to a near by park because it was unseasonably beautiful out. She loved playing in the leaves.

Then we found a park to play at while we waited.

My beautiful girl.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Art Show

Little Man's school art teacher asked that he submit the above piece in to the Mexican Heritage Art show this month. I think he did an awesome job.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

To all of those who serve and have served. The kids school had a Veteran's Day assembly yesterday. During which my Monkey read a paper he had written about his Dad in the military.

In case you have a hard time hearing the speech I have written it out for you.

"Soldier's in the military are important to me because my Dad is an electrician in the military. First he helps us stay safe and free. He does this because he wants everyone here to have a better life. Next he cares about the U.S.A. My dad cares because he loves everyone in the U.S.A. Last he helps serve our country. Him and his partners serve our country because they are brave. The military is a great place for my Dad."

Also during the assembly Little Man received an award for having Perfect Attendance during the first quarter. So proud of my boys!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Fun at school!

Princess is a beautiful Witch...

Little Man is Jason...

Monkey is a Black Ninja

The kids got to enjoy breakfast at school this morning...

The Witch on her way to start the younger kids parade through the school.

She found Big Brother!

Then she found her other Big Brother!

The older grades went on a parade around the neighborhood. There goes "Jason" and yeah that's another "Jason". LOL

Obama showed up as well. What a great parade!

The frozen Ninja on his way back to the school.

She might be a beautiful Witch but you might reconsider accepting that apple.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halfway Homemade - Halloween edition

So tomorrow is the Halloween parade and celebration at the kids school and being the over achieving (read insane) mom I am I had to make them some treats to share with their classes. Now I intended to only do these for Princess's K class but being who he is Little Man gave me that "look". All of us mom's know the one I'm talking about.

Now this treat is SUPER simple. Took 20 mins and cost under $10 for get this - 85 treats! Yes, I said 85 and yes, I only have 3 kids. Little Man has a grand total of 35 kids in his class while Monkey and Princess round off at about 25 each.

Now the halfway homemade part....those rice crispy treats? They are store bought. Oh yeah I'm not THAT insane! :-) I grabbed 2 boxes of 12 each from Walmart for a whopping $3 a piece. Cut them into 4th's and there I have nice child size treats. (I'm not one to sugar them up "too much")

I melted and drizzled white chocolate across the MANY rows of treats and sprinkled with Halloween colored sprinkles for a holiday touch.

Did I mention the ROWS of treats? Yeah? Okay - as long as your still with me.

These babies are still hardening in my kitchen (aren't I sweet to share right away) and then I will package them up for the kiddo's to lug in tomorrow. Along with their costumes. Oh what fun! I'm dressing up too!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

Someone's growing up...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The award goes to....

...not these two that's for sure. LOL JK I had to include this picture though. Aren't they cute and sweet? No, really they aren't.

Tonight was the Saints Football Awards ceremony. Here is Little Man accepting his trophy from Coach T. Roger was sure to announce also that Little Man's name is spelled correctly FOR ONCE! Only took a million sports seasons with the same league. LOL

The undefeated CHAMPS!!!

This is their true state.

Little Man and D.

These kids are crazy I swear.

This picture is for Daddy. Wish you were here!

Can't tell what sport this trophy is for can you? I didn't think so. Some people are SO SLOW. hehe JK

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Witch is in.

Princess is going to be a witch for Halloween this year. (Re purposing last years black cat tutu) I found a child's size witches hat in Target's $ spot and used ribbon I had left over from making her bows to jazz it up.

We also found a lovley feather clip at JoAnn's so I clipped it and one of her bows to the hat.

Added a matching bow to her witches broom and she is all set.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Easier than it looks...

Everyone has been been raving compliments on me for the Princess's bows but seriously all of you can do them. I have simplified them for myself...LOL.

Start out with ribbon twice the length you want your bows width to be. This one is 6inches long for a 3in bow.

Glue the ends together to form a circle.

Pinch your circle flat and then pinch the center together.

I wrap this part with floral wire but some use string or sew it (too much work for me)

You want to make two of them the same size to form your "bow"

Place them together and wrap with another piece of floral wire.

Here I attached a yellow bow behind the printed one. The yellow bow is a 4 in bow.

You can embellish your bows with anything you like...more ribbion, buttons...etc. For this one I used one figure eight.

I like to wrap the top of my clip in ribbon...I think it helps the glue hold it to the bow better. Be sure to only wrap the top of the clip - if you add ribbon to the bottom you'll have trouble getting it into the hair.

Glue clip onto the back of the bow.

TA DA! (I made two for when she wears pigtails) I forgot an earlier picture of it but I tied and glued the middle black ribbon to the centers of the bows before adding the figure eight to the back (which I just glued to the back of the yellow bow)

So there you have it. I said it was simple. The "bow" is basically two circle's pinched and attached to each other. Those sneaky bow makers hehe.