Thursday, October 7, 2010

This is why I love my friends.

So I'm on a diet. I'm at the end of the "hard" part so I feel comfortable telling you. Yes, I'm self conscious and well - it's none of your business. But I have a blog which then makes it...oh well anyways.

So I'm finishing Phase 2 of the HCG diet protcol and tomorrow I enter Phase 3. Which basically means MORE food (healthy though btw) This is the following conversation I just had with my BFF. (LOVE her - she keeps it real...follow along)

Holly: an orange just doesn't freaking cut it
Holly: hehe
Rae: yeah no it doesn't
Rae: its a side
Holly: lol
Holly: I get an egg with CHEESE in the morning
Holly: mmmmmmmmmmm (insert smiling smiley right here)
Holly: can't wait
Rae: ok im sorry but (she had a laughing her ass off smiley right here)
Holly: dork
Holly: it's the simple things
Holly: (winking smiley)
Holly: I'm down 14lbs
Holly: hoping to wake up to ONE more
Holly: for an even 15
Holly: I'll probably only lose .2 now
Rae: well according to dr oz just dropping 10 a year is enough to add 5 years to your life
Rae: so congrats
Rae: another 5 years of fun
Holly: crap no one said I wanted to live longer!!!
Rae: right these are the things you need to think about