Monday, February 25, 2008


So last night I was searching around online for some activities to do this week for Dr Suess's brithday (Mar 2nd) and I happened upon this wonderful oh so true quote.

"Art is not a receipt for child care." - Lisa Murphy

HOW TRUE! I've stressed to my families that the young children in my care are learning "through" thier play. They don't seem to be satisfied with this and I'll get off handed comments like "We're thinking of putting him in preschool." or "What do they DO all day?" Um sorry thier "working", "learning" and "building thier young minds." I have never had a child NOT be ready for Kindergarten.

Now I should note that none of my current families have implied this. At least to my knowledge. LOL Besides I've spoken to them all about how we play games and interact more then doing art. Now when we get on an art kick then we're spitting them out like crazy. Especially during Holiday's or special occaisions.

Maybe our working class now a days would be better for it if they spent time in a child care learning to share, how to follow simple rules, speaking nicely to our friends and respecting each others personal space.

So I'll say it again. "Art is not a receipt for child care." - Lisa Murphy

Saturday, February 23, 2008

See they CAN be good....LOL

Can't believe I forgot to share this. I so have to put this somehwere for rememberance. So I'm able to check back on those days where they are driving me bonkers. LOL

This was 2wks ago....
While lost in Denver (thanks mapquest) we stopped to feed the animals - I mean the kids. While eating an older lady approaches. I'm like ut oh but she looks nice enough. LOL. This is the convo....

Older Lady - " I am a school teacher and I just wanted to come over and tell you kids that I think it is very nice to see young children so well behaved while eating out.
Monkey - " Wellllll
Me - " Say Thank you Monkey"
M - "Thank you"
Little Man and The Princess - "Thank you"
OL - "Your very welcome."
Monkey - "We're students."
OL - "You are - where do you go to school"
Monkey - "McAuliffe Elementary"
OL - " I bet you are wonderful students."
Monkey - "I'm very good but Little Man isn't so good."
OL -"We're not always perfect"
Princess - "I don't go to school."
OL - "I bet you will soon sweetie."
Princess - "Yes when I'm bigger like TooZaa (Monkey)"
OL - "It was nice talking to you all"
Me - "Thank you again"

Then I went on to explain to the boys that people do notice when they are behaving in public.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fried Ice Cream

A little late but better then never. LOL

We took thekids to Fiesta Jalisco for dinner on Valentine's Day and for dessert we HAD to get Fried Ice Cream and Sopapillas....yum.

Brother's sharing (or more like trying to kill) the fried ice cream.

So nice to see them sharing....oh wait....

Monkey are you going to be able to eat all that?

Oh yeah! *sigh*

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm death by Fried Ice Cream - that isn't child abuse is it?


Last night Chef put Princess to bed after I had given her a bath. Well he forgot to kiss her (gasp) so she started yelling until he went back upstairs.

This is their converstation.

Princess "My angel is coming to see me."
Chef - "Your angel?"
Princess "Yes, Her name is Abigail."
Chef - "Is it?"
Princess "Yes and she is bigger then me."
Chef - "Thats great. Good night honey."

*note - for those that don't know - we lost a baby who we named Abigail that was born in 2002. The Princess was born in 2004.*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

"Talk about Road Rage."

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our weekend adventure....

LOL well yesterday I woke up with this great idea that we'd travel to Denver to go to the Bass Pro Shop so Chef could use his GC. So off to Gymnastics we went....

Then it was off to Denver. Did I mention that mapquest got us lost and had us go West instead of East? We ended up in Avadara (something or other...LOL). So we backtrack and end up finding the Bass Pro Shop. Needless to say Chef was in HEAVEN...LOL. Afterwards we hit the rode again to go to the Lakeshore store about 20mins from the BPS. The Princess was mad at me for not turning the video back on and fell asleep this way. LOL

No longer mad at me at dinner. LOL

This is today in the dress she HAD to have at Old Navy.

Today while at Walmart we were looking at the Vday cards for the boys to get for school. The Princess and Chef walked off and shortly came back with a cute stuffed frog. Then Princess proudly proclaims - "This is for Bari!" I wasn't going to argue with that alright. LOL Once we got home she pestered me for 2 hrs to go over there and give it to him. Wouldn't THINK of waiting until Thursday. Silly girl. So right after her and Chef finished making her cards for her daycare friends they were off to Bari's house. Awe aren't they adorable in thier young embarassment. hehe.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Talk about impulse....

Well I'm not one to walk around with my daughter's hair all crazy so needless to say when it started looked as if someone took nail clippers to it in random places (translation - hair breaking off) I thought to myself - We should get it cut. I didn't want to cut it. Although it would look SO MUCH BETTER if I'd just do it. So we talked about it for a bit this afternoon and then.....went and had it cut.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (Thats me crying by the way.)

She enjoyed it and the stylist said she could come and sit in her chair anytime. AWEEE

Here's my baby!

Now I need to find a great shampoo that'll make it stronger and thicker.

Wordless Wednesday - My view everyday.

Pikes Peak, CO

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