Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Oh my GOODNESS - where have I been oh blog of mine. Oh thats right BASEBALL. Well not me but my sons. LOL I'm sorry I've neglected you so long.

What a better way to offer my apologizes but with PICTURES! Oh My kids and I have been BUSY this weekend (as my mother said "You've been on the go all weekend!") LOL Well we have. :-)

Unfortunately Chef wasn't able to be with us this 4th of July. :-( He is over in the sandpit working on his tan. (like "he" needs to)

We are proud Americans and even though half our heart is overseas fighting for the freedom of our fellow Americans we didn't falter from celebrating this great nation. We are true to our red, white and blue.

Oh but that's not ALL. No, no, it is not. In addition to celebrating the our great country we also traveled back to the 16th century...It's the Renaissance Baby!

I hope your Independence Day was as fun and eventful as ours was. If so stop on over at 5Minutes4Mom...they are have a killer of a giveaway.