Sunday, June 29, 2008

SITS Summer fun contest!

The wonderful girls over at SITS are CUTE Brighton bag. Go check it out.


Weekend fun.

So I have been wanting to go to Manitou Springs for a few weeks now. We always enjoy it and not to mention there is some AWESOME food to be found there. YUM! Reason enough to go if you ask me. While there we came across their Clay Festival. So the kiddos got in on the action!

Monkey and Chef:

In Dad's Hands:

The Princess and Chef:

In Dad's Hands:

Someone is too big for help:

Little Man and Chef - he changed his mind and wanted Daddy's help.

The Parents:

So after we went running around town and then it was time for dinner. No one (Chef - you knew "I" wasn't going to ) wanted to make dinner so we went to Joe's Crab Shack. I don't think LittleMan counted on having to work for his dinner when he ordered the kids Snow Crab. LOL

The kids decided to "crab walk" out of the resturant. Goofy kids.

Take me out to the ball game! pt2

Little Man:


Coming Home:

Both boys at the pitchers mound.


Batter Up!

Help from the coach:


Coming Home:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I was featured.

Whaoo I was featured on the TIP JUNKIE. I LOVE this site and to have MY idea on there is just wonderful. I hope you all go and check her out. You'll find a TON of wonderful and useful tips. Go check it out.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Princess Says

The Princess was holding the Ltr Q and O magnets.

Princess says:
This is a flat tire (holding up the ltr Q)
This is a new tire (holding up the ltr O)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame...

So the boys had thier first baseball game on Saturday. I couldn't go cause Princess had gymnastics. This Saturday thier game is early again but this time I will go and Chef will take the Princess. I will also get better pictures. I promise. LOL

Now let me explain that these poor boys have only had 1 practice. LittleMan was not thrilled with that fact and was a little peeved that the game was "More important" (his words) So Sara came over for some one on one practice. I took pictures as proof that she threw balls AT the boys. LOL It was funny actually so I'll share those too.

Now for their game. I spared you alot of the pics since Chef didn't feel the need to get up and move so he could get some good shots. Anyways he isn't me so I hope to have better ones for you later.

LittleMan at bat.

Monkey at bat.

Little Man on 1st. (He is number 5)

Monkey running to 1st (He is number 3)

They are 5 and 3 cause we're a family of 5 and there are 3 kids LOL get it. Yeah Yeah I know.


So my friends would say I have issues. I am not one to argue with them. I know I do and I embrace them. It's why they love me.

So one (of many) is my need to constantly CHANGE things. Well it's impossible to do in my living room (furniture too heavy and military housing carpet). So whats the next best thing. My daycare playroom. LOL Those poor kids have no clue what the room will look like from one minute to the next. This morning I got a couple.."Different"..."changed"...LOL. So here's what I did on Saturday (shoot Chef didn't even know what I was up too. Just the way I like it.)

Recent before:

The "before" the recent before (I add it so you can see the mess above on the shelves) LOL

Today: LOL I can't promise it won't change again but for today this is what it looks like.

That shelf on the wall in the above picture use to hold all of the extra children's book I have - now it holds the Science stuff and my resourse books. Below is the extra children's books I have which now reside in Monkey's room to be traded in and out as needed. My own children's library if you will.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


"Okay everyone you better behave today. Thank goodness you have school. Hey get over here. Are you listening? Stop picking on your sister. No acting up while we have guests. No I don't know if they will still be here when you get home. Just plan on being good. Where's my straightening iron??? Oh there it is. Okay hurry everyone. They are on thier way! Remember what I said. Do I look okay?"

"Hey SITSta's! Welcome to my little corner of bloggy land. I hope you find everything to your liking. I'm headed out to go camping with the family tomorrow (That's good blog fodder) So if I don't get over to your place to say Thank You just remember I will as soon as possible. I hope you all enjoy your visit and your long weekend! Be safe and have fun. *MUAH* Help yourself to anything you find....just no long distance calls please."

So today has just been one thing after another. We got up and I took the Princess to Gymnastics.

Chef took the boys to their first Baseball game. Apprently they had a BLAST and he took pictures but since he left for an overnight camping trip I don't have those pictures. Hopefully you'll get them tomorrow. HECK hopefully I'll get to SEE them tomorrow too.

So since Chef was running off I was going to take the kids to see KungFu Panda and lunch. We decided to head to lunch while there I tried calling Sara. Well she wasn't answering her cell (avoiding me???) so I tried her "home" number. A guy answers and says she is sleeping. Um okay just have her call me (brat) So then "Sara" calls me back. We converse a few mins.... "Just calling to see if you still wanted to go to the movies (me)? "Oh I wish I could but I'm busy today (I start thinking "Sara" sounds "funny") "Oh too bad okay well I'll talk to you later." (me) Okay bye ("Sara") Immediately after I get a text msg from.... SARA. Um okay werid. She says that she has a sinus headache and missed me call. (HUH?) So eventually I ask her if we JUST talked on the cell. She says no.

Yep thats right folks - I called some "Sara" and invited her to go to the movies with my children and me. Um the other "werid" part of this is that the "home" number I called was in fact Sara's (the one I know) previous home number. So (still with me?) her old number was given to ANOTHER Sara. Werid huh.

Anyways so after all that and the movies (funny btw). We went to Tarjay and picked up a new bookcase. Came home and I put it together. Then rearranged the playroom. (YES AGAIN) Needless to say we all stayed up late. Since I'm such a wonderful mom I gave my kids PB&J for dinner since they had a great lunch at Mimi's and tons of popcorn oh and a HUGE can of Pringles(each). Hand me my award!

Bouncing around.

How freaking awesome are the ladies over at Secret is in the Sauce. They are doing a summer giveaway each week for 6 weeks and they started off with a bang. This weeks price is none other then a BOUNCE house. It's huge man. I know that my kids would never want to come inside if we had one of these. WOW how cool and awesome would that be.

Hey buddies of mine if you haven't heard of SITS check them out. Great ladies and a great site. Besure to mention me when you comment (roll call) and get thier button for YOUR blog. Everyone will want to get in on the fun.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just hanging around....

So I'm sure we have all had kids out in our backyards during the summer (well I would think most of you have cause why else come to a blog that talks about kids a lot...LOL). Either in the pool (I am not lucky enough to have one) or the sprinkler (which I have found all the young kids who come through here HATE) or a bucket full of water and cups (which they seem to love the most). Well inevitably they get wet. Very wet! They also want to come inside. Cause it got chilly and all of their lips are now blue. Always happens. Go figure.

So I have a home daycare. Therefore the children in my yard are many and not all mine. I'm also going to be that mom that has everyone over in the yard (when I get a decent sized one) cause I am too paranoid to let my kids go anywhere else. You're probably going to ask yourself - where is she going with this? (long drawn out annoying post - I know you're thinking it.) Well let me ask. What do YOU do with all those dripping wet swim suits?

This is what I did today.

Now you wanna know how huh. I knew you would. (I'm smart like that)

See I got that nifty like red and yellow hook set from BabiesRUs (forever ago - when my baby was still a baby). It is a stroller hook. You slap it on the stroller handle bar (or umbrella stroller) and now you have a handy hook for your bags. Course I never remembered to USE it as such. In fact it sat attached to my stroller for years and was maybe used once as intended. LOL Well what would you know but I'm walking through ToysRUs one day when what do I see. Another (prettier) set of stroller hooks. I bought them. Why? Who knows WHY I do anything I do. So now I have these things in my house. Have no use for them but I can't part with them. Then it hits me. DUH Bathing suit hooks. Brilliant! I already had a handy dog grate on my screen door so I just slipped the little hook over it and the bathing suit hangs from the larger hook.

Now there is another way you could do this. Get the hooks, attach a curtain rod to your fence and there you go. Use the hooks alone on a chain link fence or use some other handy hook. You can also just slap them over the towel rods in your bathroom (I did it my downstairs one on Sunday). Whatever. You don't HAVE to be like's only a suggestion.

My favorite Fries.

Nothing beats season salted crispey baked string fies with Ketchup and Mayo dipping sauce. *drool*

What's your favorite fry?

Water Play

Go HERE for more Wordless Wednesday's.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let the learning began.

So we went to Mardel's tonight. The cashier said I was a wonderful mom. Not sure if my sons will agree in a few days but for now they think I'm the coolest.

I spent *gasp* $120.00 on those books to increase their knowledge and help them successed in a D11 school. LittleMan's goal next year is to get nothing below a B. He can do it. He is smart - he just plays while at school. So I have to find a way to get him to stay on track. The fact that his brother got the Honor Roll might and I say might make him try harder. We shall see. Now don't get my wrong if he was having actual issues I would understand BUT this boy knows his stuff.

Monday, June 16, 2008


My poor broken van will be fixed soon. I think from this note that it means it goes in Wed the 18th. Only took 20 million years...LOL.

Yesterday was Father's Day. We took DH out to breakfast and then he left us for the day to go fishing. Thats okay cause I didn't do anything on Mother's Day. At least he got out of bed. LOL

The kids had fun though. It was a beautiful day so they got to play in the yard with the sprinkler and a few bins. They LOVED it and spent two hours out there while I worked on my evil homework.

Speaking of homework. Yesterday my brain turned to mush finishing it finally. I could barely put one foot in front of the other so I ordered pizza for dinner. LOL

The kids were great about watching a movie upstairs so I could finish the homework (poor hubby HE wanted to try that in the morning but for "other" reasons)

I talked to my Dad yesterday too. He wasn't doing much. I am a bad daughter. I have a gift for him but have yet to mail it. I got last month too. It is a John Wayne glass and if anyone knows my dad he always says "John Wayne's house..." or whatever when asked where we are going. This is the man I never ask for anything but I know he'd be the first to do it if he could. Unlike other parent of mine who all they do is steal and lie (opps wrong post). My Dad is cool and doesn't pressure me because he think he can.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Try it!

Okay so I like a good Midori sour. Stacy and I even went all over Clarksville trying to find cherries to go in it.

My husband recently bought a few different of those new Mountain Dew's. The ones that keep you awake forever (they were for our trip home). Well he had one left and it's been in the fridge all week.

Chef - "Hey! Try it."
Me - "Why?"
C - "Just try it."
M - I try it.....mmmm...okay (werid look on my face)
C- "Whats it taste like?"
M - takes another sip...mmmmmm
C - "Well??"
M - Thinking for a bit "A MIDORI!!!"
C - "Yeah."
M - "Now all I need is the salted glass."

Folks the Mountain Dew that tastes like a Midori is Mountain Dew Voltage. DEW charged with Raspberry Citrus Flavor and Ginseng. (it's blue while a true Midori is green a pretty pretty green)

Pink Handed

Today is the day to catch my children "pink" handed (instead of red handed - go with me here).

First Little Man is caught in having downloaded games and songs onto his cell phone (which btw is only for him to carry while out riding his bike or when he being sat for). At first I thought there was just NO WAY he did this. Nope he said yes he downloaded games and he even showed me how he did it! WHAT - no one showed you? No he kept telling me. So I brought up the cell phone bill. Showed him his phone number and the charges. Then I was evil and made him pay me for them. A total of $25.00 for a hard life lesson learned. He wasn't too happy about that but I can garuntee he won't do it least not until 15 or 16 when he has a real cell phone.

The Princess was up in her room playing when she brought down her ever present bear, a notepad and a mini marker. She requested help with something and as we were discussing her hand having pink marker all over it and how she got it that way I glanced at her bear.....I took it from her and what did I find. A pink "Hello Kitty" on her bears tshirt. (umm just a hint - it was white).

Me - Did you color Hello Kitty?
Princess - Yes
M - why?
P - cause she needed to be pink
M - go get me the wipes
Chef - well I dunno (he had been watching)
M - At least she stayed in the lines.
We busted out laughing. Hello Kitty now only has a tinge of pink on her.

Princess returns with the wipes.

M - Go wash your hands (she ran off to do it)
P - It won't come off - I use water and it won't come off.
M - Did you use soap?
P - shakes her head no with the "look" on her face

Anyone want to adopt me?

Okay so I spent a week away and I come home to a collections notice (those nut ruckers - I just paid everyone off in Feb).

After careful perusing of the letter I come to realize "IT ISN'T MINE!"

Now it IS in my name (well my former name - pre Chef). Only thing is *I* never lived in NY (well at least long enough to have a bill for a phone number).

Nope know where this is going. The bill is my MOTHER'S. Yes that's right I am the only who can manage to get her identity stolen by her mother (well I know I'm NOT the only one but stay with me here).

I immediately call my mother. Unfortunately all things telling me better and I KNOW better I leave a message telling her WHY I was calling. Don't ask me why I did this. I knew that by doing so I pretty much guaranteed that she wouldn't call me back. Yes that's right people I have a child for a mother. You know the ones. They hide when you call their names because they KNOW they got caught doing something wrong. (It's sad when *I* am the adult in this relationship).

I called my sister and she has heard from her so I know nothing happened to our mother. So I call again later. Then again a few times on Tuesday. (again call my sister - she just took her to her appt so now I KNOW she is avoiding me) Call more on Wednesday. I leave msgs asking her to not make this harder then it already is. Call again on Thursday. I finally snap and ask her how can someone ignore the numerous of phone calls from their eldest daughter. Anyways....

I'm done. After speaking to numerous friends I have concluded that one this company shouldn't of contacted me cause the bill was from 11 yrs ago. (I don't understand it but it's something to do with being removed form my credit report - which by the way I checked again yesterday and it is NOT on). I also will have no further contact with my manipulative, stealing and hiding mother. Remind me to tell you about how she use to steal "borrow" my paper route and babysitting money - she also took my money from when I worked at Popeye's. Also remind me to tell you how she acts like it is MY job to "treat" her when she is visiting or I visit there - yes people this one said to me the last time we visited that "How DARE you descend on us with a family of five." (um she knew for over a year that we were coming and was the only one not prepared and got ticked off cause I was staying at my Dad's) and expect to not have to buy (all mind you) the food to stock her house for our stay. Just remind me - it'll be interesting for sure.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Body Art

So over at Aunt Becky's she shared her two wonderful foot tattoo's. Hey I'm just as crazy and I TOO have a foot tattoo. Plus one on my ankle and another on my belly. I figured why not share. Okay but dude you are so not getting a pic of the belly one cause well after all these pregnancies it isn't pretty anymore. So I will save you (and myself) that.

I tried to pretty them up with my new Photoshop program but there is only so much you can do with the item you have to work with. Which is my leg. It's ashie so get over it I'm wearing pants today. LOL

Here is my angel baby. I got it in honor of my tiny angel Abigail Hlee. I got it in 2003 while in Turkey by Rambo's brother. Rambo was busy giving Chef his arm tattoo.

Here is my foot tattoo. I got three butterflies to represent my children. Ignore my fat foot please...nothing I can do about it. Monkey has the same feet but hey at least he is a boy. HEY where'd my pinky toenail go. DARN IT! I got it in 2006 after waiting nearly a year for a chicken shit "friend" to get hers but she never did. So I went with other friends. The lady did it in like 5mins. It was so quick. Because it was small it also didn't hurt me much. I said duck it when she did the very tip of the top butterfly but that was pretty much it.

Father's Day Gifts

So I saw this done on the Tip Junkie. I thought thats so cool. Of course I had to do it too. I'm such a copycat like that. LOL

I did it as a daycare project since I try to always do something for the families.

Here is what Chef is getting.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Talk about Tuesday

Over at The Lazy Organizer she hosts Talk about Tuesday go check them out.

Here's mine. It's short and sweet.

I am fat. I have decided that enough is enough. LOL

I started another blog titled Pass the Bread Basket about my weight loss journey. Lets hope it is not a short one.

No laughing.

Monday, June 9, 2008

So sad....

I'm home. LOL My lovely vacation is over and I have returned to work. Not too bad in that I have a great group. Just the idea of work is blah. So here are some pictures for you to enjoy. Those that I have yet to post from my week getaway. Enjoy!

We ran to the store and came to find the kids doing this. Looks fun!

You try getting 7 kids to look at you AND smile.

Stacy and Princess

Stacy and Brat Baby #1

Monkey doing what he does best. Being a monkey.