Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: She just wants to see what it is all about.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"The Switcheroo"

So I got this hair brain idea to switch Monkey and Princesses bedrooms. I mean seriously - she is a 4 yr old little girl with a TON of little girl toys that are big. Monkey is almost 8 (Friday) and his toys are smaller and don't need as much room. Now he started out in the bigger room when the boys were sharing otherwise I would of put Princess there originally. Two years ago Little Man got his own room and they've all been seperated since. SOOOO back to my idea. This came to me on Tuesday, Dec 23rd. Like I mean - I have the complusion to get it done and get it done now. Anyone who knows me knows that this is normal - for me anyways. LOL So Chef said no. LOL Then I talked to Sara (she is such a bad influance) during which I realized that it makes sense on so many levels. 1. Princess has bigger stuff and as is her tiny room is double packed and you can't get to any of the toys. 2. Princess gets nosebleeds and usually they are brought on by being too hot. The bigger room stays cooler at all times (since the builders suck and didn't run the heat to it). Good reasons! Yes? LOL Works for me. So Chef said that he wasn't helping me. I said fine. I just need you to move her TV anyways - everything else I'll do. Do it - I did. Christmas Eve morning before we were to have a house full of guests for dinner. Yes, I love to stress myself out.

The before's don't really show how little room Princess had in that tiny room cause I didn't take pics of it right before the move. Opps. But just imagine everything that is in the after pictures was IN that tiny room.

So without further adu:
Princess Before: (That stuff animal hammock IS in the new room - just forgot a pic of it. It is above her bed. Luckly we still had the previous hooks there from when Monkey had one in his room (forever ago) LOL)

Princesses After room: There so much more space that she can actually play, have her little table and chair set in there (it was downstairs before) and that shelf with the books on it was in there when Monkey was in that room...they are my books for daycare and I hope to get her a cute white bookcase to put them on soon. For now this works though.

Monkey's room before: He had a ton of space in there and often there were toys everywhere cause really with THAT much space WHY clean up. ERG LOL

Monkey's After: There are still some holes in the wall that I need to patch up and I want to switch his shelf with bins for something "older" (maybe a bookcase and an under the bed box).

So I know the pics don't do it justice. I so should of taken better before pics but the kids started moving everything when I was in the shower. (Think I rubbed off on them?) Did you catch how with ease I switched the curtains? Yes they have two different types of windows in the rooms. Thankfully I used the handy dandy curtian clips and flat sheets for their curtains. Made switching them easy - just had to refold them and clip. Easy peasy.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas in Pictures

Two beautiful Princesses on Christmas Eve.

(In our family we've begun to have our big Holiday meal on Christmas Eve - that way we can relax and enjoy Christmas without the hassel of making our yummy foods. Plus, this way we get to visit with great friends all day without worrying about their obligations)

Kids table. :-)

The BEST Turtle Cheesecake EVER! I mean seriously it was "THAT" yummy. Everyone agree's... ask *z*

After everyone's families had left our children got to open their two Christmas Eve gifts. PJ's and ornaments. (The ornaments are picked out to remember something new and exciting they did or enjoyed in the past year. This year the boys each got a snowman playing football and Princess got an adorable Polar Bear who is coloring since she started Preschool this year)

Princess had NO IDEA what to ask Santa for. Finally she stammered out that she'd like a Barbie when she saw the big guy at her school party. He rocked and put it inside a 3 drawer bin to store all of her Barbie stuff in.

The boys were equally excited about their Santa finds.

Little Man has wanted an MP3 Player for years. He got his first one this year.

Monkey has played this game for hours on end since receiveing it. It has gotten to the point that I have had to make him stop playing it. LOL

Little Man was rocking out to the Guitar Hero and Princess needed to join him with her own guitar.

A technology filled Christmas.

"This is the best Christmas EVER."

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday's as much as we did.


I'm here I'm here. SO I have been off since Christmas. Which has been great and I have taken advantage of it and was MAJORLY lazy. SO therefore this week will be bombared with multiple posts from Christmas, my adventure of switching kids bedrooms (on Christmas Eve no less) and the Birthday of my middle baby. Not to mention yesterday was MY birthday and well I didn't do ANYTHING, not even the laundry. Good thing the boys are home this week and can get theirs done today. LOL

*sigh* I'm back at work today though. Fun Stuff!

PS How do you like the new background? It's temp don't worry....LOL Just a little shout out for my fav books. LOL I'll be changing it at some point when I find something. I just LOVE The Cutest Blog on the Block site for blog backgrounds.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday Ramsey Donner

Now what do you get a dog who has everything. He dislikes toys. Doesn't even mess with shoes. Does not care for doggy beds and come at him with a sweater and he is likely to bite you in the rear. SOO what DO you DO?

Well you give him a Ham Bone of course. DUH! Doesn't everyone know that. LOL

Doesn't that look yummy? (Let me tell you the ham that was on that is YUMMY!)

Nothing but the best for my baby. Off he goes as soon as he snagged it from daddy's hand.

He won't even look up for a picture. LOL That must be one yummy birthday treat.

"Awe mom! Okay I'm here - enough with the pictures. Can I go back to my ham bone now? Can I HUH HUH HUH???" Of course baby go enjoy. Happy Birthday Sweetie.

I can't believe it has been 9 Christmases since Little Man and I were at our friends house and their beautiful dog was having puppies. Ramsey is the best dog EVER!

Merry Christmas!

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope you're enjoying your time with family and friends.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

la la la la la

Little Man is in the 4th grade now and he wanted to be in the band so bad. (They get to practice during special's) I said that was fine as long as he could borrow the intrument (I just couldn't swing the rental this year). So between him and the instructor he came home with the Trombone. Now those of you that know Little Man know that this instrument is HUGE compared to him.

On Dec 10th they held a Holiday concert and he got to show off his skills. Here he is before the performance. Isn't he handsome. (not a ? as you can tell but a statement from his mama)

I said it was big. LOL Below he is warming up and getting ready to dazzle us all with his skills.
(*SIGH* When did he get so big?)

Here they are during the performance.

He is right there. See him? Good. :-)

ReggeeD over at a msg board I frequent just gave me one of my new fav quotes of all time.

She said : "Just because it's not the way you do things that doesn't mean it's wrong. The fact is, being Grandma doesn't trump anything. You don't have any special claim on someone else's children just because you're grandma."


I understand that Grandma's are special and I wish that my children were blessed to have caring loving attentive ones but the fact remains..."Being Grandma doesn't trump anything. You don't have any special claim on someone else's children just because you're grandma."

So remember we are the mother's and WE alone (with our hubby's - maybe..LOL) decide what our children do.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Oreo Balls

Okay so last year I came across this new DELISH receipe. OREO balls. I mean seriously they should be illegal to make and share (who am I kidding - I don't share - okay okay so I do but not willingly). Anyways it is so simple it's insane.

You'll need one pkg of Oreo cookies (double stuffed or mint work as well but are VERY rich - don't say I didn't warn you), Cream Cheese and Dipping Chocolate. That's it.

Easy Peasy.

So since my food processor hates me and didn't want to crush the Oreo's up nicely for me I went about it differently this year. It went so smoothly this way but please do it whatever way works for you.

I started by seperating the white filling from the Oreo. See pic below. (Stop drolling my goodness)

I then used my handy dandy Magic Bullet to crush up the Cookie portion of the Oreo. See nice and fine. (Okay I thought I turned that darn pic - opps)

Now the fun part. Now many will probably use a mixer or a utensil of some sort but that is not how I roll. I like to get right on in there and be a hands on baker. That's right I slap a glove on and after tossing the crushed Oreo's, white filling and cream cheese into a new bowl I just dive in and mix by hand.

Just keep mixing and mixing until you get this nice glossy mass of yummy goodness. (Shiney isn't it?)

Now you'll start pinching off a bit (or use a small melon baller) and roll it into a ball. See?

Aren't they pretty all lined up? After rolling all of it into a ball I pop them into the freezer just to give them a chance to harden up.

Okay now you'll take and coat each ball in some yummy DELISH chocolate. (Again I swore I turned that pic)


Line your counter with wax paper and drop those yum good little evil balls on it to dry. Top with sprinkles if you like.

Ready for their close up! YUM!

Now go make some and don't come back here and try to blame me. I am not your mother and I didn't make you do a damn thing. ENJOY!~