Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Nights are MY NIGHTS

OMG so Ugly Betty, Grey's AND LOST are all NEW TONIGHT. Sorry but my kids WILL be in bed...LOL and I will NOT being moving from the couch for 3 yes thats right THREE HOURS. I'm going to feel SO good tomorrow.

I know it seems frivolous and obbsessive but I do not watch anything else with any regularity. Just these 3 and they just happen to be on the same night.

I feel sorry for those adhereing to "Turn of your TV" week." Thankfully I'm a weakling and didn't.

Sara - if you CALL then I will NOT be answering the phone so don't try to be funny. LOL


Sara said...

I might just call you cause I'm jealous! Of course the only night this week that I work is tonight!!! YOU SUCK!!!!

Party of 5 said...

YIKES - I so would of quit working then. That is NOT ok!

Tell me you DVR'd it?

Gentle Orchid said...

You said it Holly! I told DH that I could not cook for him on Thursday nights because it was my TV night. I get home, feed the LO, give him a bath and put him to bed then TV time, and you're right, 3 hrs straight. hahaha

I watch these shows but have no one to talk to them about because no one here watches them. That's so sad!

Ugly Betty: I really don't like how the writers HAD to make Charlie pregnant and ruin the budding of Betty & Henry's relationship. I really want Betty to be happy and not get caught up in the whole baby-mama issues.

Grey's: I really like this week's episode. It's sort of like the beginning where they're really into their work and not so much in relationships. I like Grey's but I was starting to get annoyed with the story lines. I liked Callie and George together, I DON'T like George and Izzy together at all. Meredith is probably the most annoying. I'd wish she'd just make her mind and either be with Dr.shepard or not and move on. I think we saw a little bit of that this last episode.

LOST: Good one! I'm sad that they killed Ben's daughter though. (I'm dreading the day they end lost. hahaha)