Thursday, April 3, 2008

Children, honor thy parents....

Everyone always quoted "Children, honor thy parents"...but NO ONE ever rememember the rest of the verse...."Parents do not incite your children to anger".....The Lord gives provisions for parents who want to walk all over their children. Yes, God wants us to love each other, but not to be a doormat!

Qouted from Itsnowornever on a parenting msg board.

So those who know me know I struggle with my mom's demands. Now I love her to death. She is afterall my mother. I've had to make some choices in my adult life to step away from her when it was too stressful. It was what was needed for my children and myself. I feel constant guilt though when I think of her and her life now. The holiday's are the worse time for me. Who's fault is it though? Mine for wanting better for my family. Not subjecting them to constant mood swings and guilt trips. I know that her issues stem from her conditions but does that mean I have to be abused by it. When is enough for a child (weather young or an adult) to say I won't deal with your issues anymore.

So for all of us children who feel guilty because we love but have to back away from parents who treat us badly. There is only so much. You have to take care of yourself first or you'll be no help to anyone else.


Sara said...

There is s time when you are no longer a child, but still someone's child. Do not feel guilty for doing what you feel is right for your own children. Many times, you have to step back, look at the big picture, and continue on. You are doing a great job with your kids, and have too much going on to worry if you are the perfect "kid" now that you are a grown up. Your parents gave you to your husband, and no longer have that total control over you. Don't think too hard, and take care of Holly first!