Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Desk project

Man I'm full of things today. I will say though I've been meaning to make these posts for awhile. LOL So now that I have a moment I figured I'd get them out there. Thats of course if you even care. Do you care? LOL I don't know and either way this is my blog. I'm sure SOMEONE cares.

My desk is a mess. Who's isn't you say. Well this is true. Mine is located between my dining room and my living room so I have to look at it ALL THE TIME. I have two piles of papers - 1 of things I need to keep on hand and 2 is of papers needing to be shredded. I got sick of looking at them both. So I made myself some cute little boxes that stack on top of each other. One for each pile.

Started out with 2 white photo boxes from Micheal's, 4 sheets of scrapebook paper, 2 rolls of ribbon, tape and a hot glue gun.

The scrapebook paper wasn't long enough to cover the lid of the boxes so I had to tape the two ends together (of matching paper). Then I wrapped the lid as you would a present (well a nicer present...LOL). Because the "seam" was showing I took two strips of ribbion and hot glued it over it tucking the ends up under the lid.

Here's a pic of the pretty boxes:

I also had 3 sheets of paper stapled to my wall behind the phone for daycare. I hated how just there it looked so I framed them in black frames
(formally known as brown frames that I spray painted black).

Here's a picture:

Here is the area all together. Now doesn't that look so much better then the vision of papers everywhere. (Sorry I didn't take a before shot)