Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My first Talk about Tuesday. LOL

Well the theme is to talk about our purses. Okay I can do that. Go HERE to see more Talk about Tuesday's.

My daughter is getting ready to turn four so I haven't needed a BIG bag in awhile. (she carry's her own often with what she needs inside - it's a ADORABLE Hello Kitty one) Then I can't actaully have a small bag either. Mine is somehwere in the middle.

Isn't it cute? Too me FOREVER to find one I liked. I didn't want the same ol same ol.

Here is an inside shot. HEY not TOO bad. Caught me on a good day. I usually have a TON more receipts inside. LOL

The first half holds: hand sanitizer, Medi-matte (Oil control Spray), my wallet (isn't it CUTE), 3 pens, pkg of tissues, a paper clip and some change that I threw in my purse the other day because while my wallet is cute it doesn't hold change well. I need a new one darn it.

LOOK at this bag that came WITH the purse. The front side pocket has a note in it instead of my cell. Cell doesn't really fit in it and usually gets thrown in the purse opening next to this bag (along with my camera)

Inside the little bag: another pen, Halls, more change, batteries for my friends little girls Cocluer (sorry I spelled it wrong) implant, makeup brush, Sweet Stuff Lipstick, Neutrogena lip gloss, i.d.bareMinerals makeup.

Almost forgot there is another zipper area in there that I hide the girly stuff.

Well that wasn't so bad.


The Lazy Organizer said...

Very stylish! Gotta love bags for your bags. Thanks for joining us!

Anonymous said...

Very nicely organized!

Thea said...

It looks great!

Andrea said...

I love when it comes with extra things. And zippered pockets are the best.

Mrs. Organic said...

I like that little bag - they're so handy

Elisa said...

Check your spam folder - that's where I found yours. I replied but I guess you didn't get it.


That's the link. :)