Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Well the table is finished. Sort of. LOL The sealant on top isn't perfect so for the time being we're using a table cloth and plexiglass on top. In the next couple of months I'll drag it back out to redo the sealant on top. Here are pics of it now though.



With Tablecloth and Plexiglass:

Oh I won't mention that it would of probably (just probably) been easier to do and or turned out if 2 little tiny things had been done by DH. I won't mention that one he could of used wood conditioner......two when we got ready to seal it he could of put a thin seal on first.....these are just could of's though. I am in no way an expert. I did mention them before hand though and got shot down each time.


Sara said...

Man we do good work!