Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Talk about Tuesday

Goodness what do I have to talk about. hmmmmm How about how CRAZY this week is for me.

This week my last week of my first semester of college. I am taking online courses and everything ends Sunday. For me though it ends Thursday. WHY? Cause Friday - SUnday is nothing but running around for me. I managed to finish one test and one assigment yesterday so I have one more Final and one more assigment to complete. Not bad right? NOT - I can't logg into my classes this morning. I sure hope that gets fixed soon.

On top of that I have a Provider Dinner to attend Friday night. I still have to run out and get Flowers and a Gift Card for our coordinator sometime on Friday. I hope Safeway has GC's for the Macoroni Grill (it's her favorite).

SATURDAY - The Princess's 4th birthday party. I still have 7 tutu's to make this week. A 3 tiered Strawberry cake and to decorate. Not to mention a TON of finger sandwiches the day of. Plus I'm hoping to have time to take her across town to Build a Bear before the party. FUN FUN

So lots to do! Why am I on here then! LOL Talk to you later all.

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Princess Momma said...

I'm worn out just reading it! Make sure you plan time for some relaxing on Monday.

Thea said...

you need a nap!!

The Lazy Organizer said...

I'll be thinking of you and your busy week as I hang out here on the couch!