Monday, April 21, 2008


OKAY so I was SUPPOSE to clean and and revamp MY room but somehow I got trapped in my daughters room and never came out. Well until it was finished. LOL

We finally put her bed up on a frame (before it was just a matteress and box spring on the floor) and I rearranged the stuff in there. DH put her TV up on the wall so that no one can change the channel from Disney and only he or I can turn it on. YEAH! Volume control baby. We also got these bed risers from Linens and Things because I wanted to use a under the bed container to store her bigger toys. (meaning I wanted to hide them away) She has no problem climbing up there but eventually I'll get her a small stool to use.

I also went through her summer clothes - um is it okay that my almost 4 yr old can still fit her 2T shorts? Um and no bottom was showing either.

I also got crafty on Saturday and painted some room accents for her bday coming up. I painted them to match her bedding form They are not in the above picture because - well we haven't given them to her yet. SHHHHHH!

(thinking of adding ribbions to the name plate for clipping her million bows to)

All in all what I wanted done wasn't done BUT at least SOMETHING got done. Now I need to force hubby to clean the fishtank and garage before his knee surgury on Wednesday.


Elisa said...

Very cute. I especially love the curtain.

Party of 5 said...

Thank you! It's her flat sheet - shhh don't tell. LOL