Friday, April 25, 2008


Yes I yelled. LOL Get over it.

Okay so I'm sitting here and Sara and I are talking on IM about blog nickanmes for my kids. (You know to keep some things out of the "world wide web" LOL - yeah thats hard for me so it'll take awhile to "switch" but I must)

Anyhoo - the most our sleep deprived brains can come up with are Little Man, Monkey and The Princess. Oh and I called my DH Chef (which if you've ever had his cooking you totally understand!)

Anyone want to suggest or come up with some snazzy, cool, fun to read nicknames for my kids? Give it a shot in the comment section. Plus I guess we'll see if I have any readers huh.


Elisa said...

Well you could just do #1, #2, and #3 lol. Don't you call them any nicknames?

I call Emma "honey bunny" and Cate "stinkerbell" LOL! But you know I really don't care if people know their real names. It's not like they know my last name.

What are you doing for your little one's 4th b-day? I'm thinking about a Care Bear themed party since lately she's obsessed.

Thanks for reading and commenting btw. I LOVE comments. ;)

Anonymous said...

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