Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've become Suzy Homemaker

Man I feel like a reg Suzy Homemaker. Now if you know me then you know this is NOT me. All my friends only come to my home because my husband is a damn good cook. I'll admit it he IS! I've been stepping up my game though lately.


I bought my husband SMACKDOWN Wrestling tickets (bought two days BEFORE they go on sale), sent him off to look at and buy a gun cabinet (found on Craigs List), made my own bread crumbs for baked chicken strips and put a pot on to boil with mini corn on the cobs - WITH mind you buttering the edge to prevent boil over (Sara taught me that).

I know this doesn't make a TON of sense but to me it does. That's all that matters right? To know me is to love me. So get over it. LOL

Now lets hope my chicken strips turn out.

Off to watch Still Standing Reruns while I await my dinner. You know you love it too. Oh and even better Reba comes on after.


Anonymous said...

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