Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm a bad mother.....

While posting about motherhood no less then 5 minutes ago I realize....I didn't post about my son's birthday this month.

LittleMan turned 9 on the 3rd. He wanted to go bowling and to this indoor fun place. Okay whatever you want babe.

It was so funny bowling with these guys. They'd shout, pout and cheer for every spare or strike. We so have to go again. The Princess would get mad when she didn't knock them all down at once. Such dedication at an early age. LOL

LittleMan was just beside himself with all the things he could do and the choices. It was decleared the "Best birthday EVER." Not bad if I say so myself.

Here are some pictures. Aren't they cute.

LittleMan - Cake Time

Ready to play

Such Form

Monkey liked to run and throw the ball...watch out man.

The Princess setting up her shot.