Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My date

So Monday afternoon my 7 yr old comes home and we have the following conversation.

Monkey - Can I go on a date tonight?
Mom - With who?
Monkey - Ianda.
M - Who is that?
Monkey - A girl in my class.
M - Well honey your too young to go on dates. Where would you take her?
Monkey - A resturant.
M - I'm sorry your too young.

He walks off with his bottom lip stuck out. His Dad then comes home and I let him know what was asked. Monkey comes back out.

M - Hon you realize that your too young for a date right. As you get older we'll let you go out on group dates but it will be awhile befor eyou get to go on a date alone with a girl ok.
Monkey - But I really wanted to go.
M - I'm sorry.
Monkey - Can I go on a date with you?
M - You have to ask your dad about that.

So he goes to ask his dad who tells him yes.

Monkey - He said yes.
M - Okay where are you taking me?
Monkey - Olive Garden.

So off we went. Cause you know you can't pass up when your 7yr old wants to go out alone with you. It was a great dinner. He ordered an appitizer and dessert. I didn't think he'd ever stop eating. LOL Then when I asked if he brought his wallet he then tried to convince me that one I drove so I had to pay and then he tried to say that we needed to trick the server. Which led to a talk about how that isn't nice. So needless to say I paid (go figure). This boy can talk too OH MY!


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