Friday, June 13, 2008

Pink Handed

Today is the day to catch my children "pink" handed (instead of red handed - go with me here).

First Little Man is caught in having downloaded games and songs onto his cell phone (which btw is only for him to carry while out riding his bike or when he being sat for). At first I thought there was just NO WAY he did this. Nope he said yes he downloaded games and he even showed me how he did it! WHAT - no one showed you? No he kept telling me. So I brought up the cell phone bill. Showed him his phone number and the charges. Then I was evil and made him pay me for them. A total of $25.00 for a hard life lesson learned. He wasn't too happy about that but I can garuntee he won't do it least not until 15 or 16 when he has a real cell phone.

The Princess was up in her room playing when she brought down her ever present bear, a notepad and a mini marker. She requested help with something and as we were discussing her hand having pink marker all over it and how she got it that way I glanced at her bear.....I took it from her and what did I find. A pink "Hello Kitty" on her bears tshirt. (umm just a hint - it was white).

Me - Did you color Hello Kitty?
Princess - Yes
M - why?
P - cause she needed to be pink
M - go get me the wipes
Chef - well I dunno (he had been watching)
M - At least she stayed in the lines.
We busted out laughing. Hello Kitty now only has a tinge of pink on her.

Princess returns with the wipes.

M - Go wash your hands (she ran off to do it)
P - It won't come off - I use water and it won't come off.
M - Did you use soap?
P - shakes her head no with the "look" on her face