Sunday, June 8, 2008

Super 8 is great.......this one not so much

I don't recommend stopping at the Super 8 in Russell, KS off of I-70. We figured we'd stop cause they have decent rooms usually and a free simple breakfast. We're not looking for anything else cause we'll only be htere a few hours anyways.

So the room is SMALL. Alright whatever. LOL I can ignore that. The beds were uncomfortable and my kids have better pillows in their rooms. The bathroom was smaller then a closet and the WiFi didn't keep a reception.

This morning we get up early looking to feed the kids and get on the road. Take the stuff to the van and return to the lobby for the free breakfast (usually it consists of waffles, bagels, toast, cereal, apples, bananas, apple juice, orange juice, coffee, teas and milk) Not a bad selection and I knew it would be enough for us to be fine with - no less then we'd have at home.

Not here though - nope here only had 4 cups of waffle batter (which they also had a sign posted stating that once gone there would be no more waffle batter), Raisin Bran and Frosted Flakes cereal, nasty cut in half cinnamon pastry things, orange juice and coffee (no milk - it was only allowed for the cereal and the container had MAYBE 2 cups worth in it). Okay so we arrived at the end of the 6-9am cut off you assume. NOPE it was not even 7 am.

I felt awful cause 1. My kids had dry waffles for breakfast and 2. cause once we had the waffles there was NOTHING else for any other guests.

I have never experienced a place that offered a free brkfst but then in turn had nothing out there.