Sunday, June 8, 2008

Boob jobs

Hey if you want one get one but I draw the line at seeing a mother and daughter combo of boob jobs. I could say it's a TN thing. LOL

See here's what happened.

Stacy and I went to get Pedicures while I was visiting her in TN. We just drove around and went to the first "Nail" place we found. Inside was nice. The ladies who did them were nice (though mine could of massaged better...LOL).

THEN "it" happens.

We see this younger girl walk by. She has BOOBS out to "there" and she is tiny otherwise. HMMMMM something makes me think not so natural.

Then I go to the drying booth. Now what do I see. Her MOTHER getting her nails done as well (girl is sitting next to her waiting her turn). Mom has knockers just as larger as daughters.

So Stacy and I were wondering. Are mother/daughter boob jobs the new "IN" thing to do?

Not in our houses...


Nicole said...

Oh, I am so with you. WEIRD! My mom goes to church with a lady who got their daughter one for her HIGH SCHOOL graduation. What the heck?