Monday, June 23, 2008


So my friends would say I have issues. I am not one to argue with them. I know I do and I embrace them. It's why they love me.

So one (of many) is my need to constantly CHANGE things. Well it's impossible to do in my living room (furniture too heavy and military housing carpet). So whats the next best thing. My daycare playroom. LOL Those poor kids have no clue what the room will look like from one minute to the next. This morning I got a couple.."Different"..."changed"...LOL. So here's what I did on Saturday (shoot Chef didn't even know what I was up too. Just the way I like it.)

Recent before:

The "before" the recent before (I add it so you can see the mess above on the shelves) LOL

Today: LOL I can't promise it won't change again but for today this is what it looks like.

That shelf on the wall in the above picture use to hold all of the extra children's book I have - now it holds the Science stuff and my resourse books. Below is the extra children's books I have which now reside in Monkey's room to be traded in and out as needed. My own children's library if you will.