Monday, June 9, 2008

So sad....

I'm home. LOL My lovely vacation is over and I have returned to work. Not too bad in that I have a great group. Just the idea of work is blah. So here are some pictures for you to enjoy. Those that I have yet to post from my week getaway. Enjoy!

We ran to the store and came to find the kids doing this. Looks fun!

You try getting 7 kids to look at you AND smile.

Stacy and Princess

Stacy and Brat Baby #1

Monkey doing what he does best. Being a monkey.


Elisa said...

Aw, cute pics! Sorry it's back to the old grind for you now. :(

At least you got a little break from it.

I can't get over our girls being 4. Wow just wow. ;)