Friday, June 13, 2008

Try it!

Okay so I like a good Midori sour. Stacy and I even went all over Clarksville trying to find cherries to go in it.

My husband recently bought a few different of those new Mountain Dew's. The ones that keep you awake forever (they were for our trip home). Well he had one left and it's been in the fridge all week.

Chef - "Hey! Try it."
Me - "Why?"
C - "Just try it."
M - I try it.....mmmm...okay (werid look on my face)
C- "Whats it taste like?"
M - takes another sip...mmmmmm
C - "Well??"
M - Thinking for a bit "A MIDORI!!!"
C - "Yeah."
M - "Now all I need is the salted glass."

Folks the Mountain Dew that tastes like a Midori is Mountain Dew Voltage. DEW charged with Raspberry Citrus Flavor and Ginseng. (it's blue while a true Midori is green a pretty pretty green)