Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just hanging around....

So I'm sure we have all had kids out in our backyards during the summer (well I would think most of you have cause why else come to a blog that talks about kids a lot...LOL). Either in the pool (I am not lucky enough to have one) or the sprinkler (which I have found all the young kids who come through here HATE) or a bucket full of water and cups (which they seem to love the most). Well inevitably they get wet. Very wet! They also want to come inside. Cause it got chilly and all of their lips are now blue. Always happens. Go figure.

So I have a home daycare. Therefore the children in my yard are many and not all mine. I'm also going to be that mom that has everyone over in the yard (when I get a decent sized one) cause I am too paranoid to let my kids go anywhere else. You're probably going to ask yourself - where is she going with this? (long drawn out annoying post - I know you're thinking it.) Well let me ask. What do YOU do with all those dripping wet swim suits?

This is what I did today.

Now you wanna know how huh. I knew you would. (I'm smart like that)

See I got that nifty like red and yellow hook set from BabiesRUs (forever ago - when my baby was still a baby). It is a stroller hook. You slap it on the stroller handle bar (or umbrella stroller) and now you have a handy hook for your bags. Course I never remembered to USE it as such. In fact it sat attached to my stroller for years and was maybe used once as intended. LOL Well what would you know but I'm walking through ToysRUs one day when what do I see. Another (prettier) set of stroller hooks. I bought them. Why? Who knows WHY I do anything I do. So now I have these things in my house. Have no use for them but I can't part with them. Then it hits me. DUH Bathing suit hooks. Brilliant! I already had a handy dog grate on my screen door so I just slipped the little hook over it and the bathing suit hangs from the larger hook.

Now there is another way you could do this. Get the hooks, attach a curtain rod to your fence and there you go. Use the hooks alone on a chain link fence or use some other handy hook. You can also just slap them over the towel rods in your bathroom (I did it my downstairs one on Sunday). Whatever. You don't HAVE to be like's only a suggestion.


Heather said...

I LOVE this idea!! I'm going to the Depot and getting a dog thingy for my door today.

mummifiedx5 said...

This is a great idea! Will have to "file" it for next Aussie summer :)

Tonya said...

Great Idea!!