Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun in Kentucky

So it's Monday.

Typical. Nah LOL

Stacy runs out to take Courtney to the dump (LOL did anyone else laugh there?) While out she decided to wash the truck since Chef was taking it to Marion to go fishing with his friend (Leaveing us with 7 kids ... thats another post)

When she was out she got a flat tire and we needed to come change it. So while we were there we headed to FT Campbell to gas up the truck on DPP before Chef headed out. So we're just going along/ The good drivers we are (I hear laughing). The truck turns left with Chef and Stacy in it. I am waiting until a car coming down the other side goes by before I turn. But then it happens....

The dude in the car was SUPPOSE to go past me. Instead he veers into the opposite turning lane (okay first thought - he is turning and he didn't turn on his blinker first) um um um

Then like out of a slow-mo movie thingiemagigi the car comes RIGHT AT ME! At the last split second I see his face shake and he swears his car to the right. He punched into me on the drivers side bumper. My mouth is hanging open. I pull over and start searching for my cell phone to call Chef and Stacy in the truck. A lady approches me first to see if I'm okay and to give me her phone info as a witness. Get Chef on the phone. "Someone fucking hit me COME BACK!" - I say. He says "WHAT!" As I watch Stacy whip her truck back around.

Thing is my BABY was in the car with me. We were not moving and this is the reason why I think we were not hurt at all. THANK GOD he didn't hit me head on. He is lucky. I told the MP that he would of been dead by the time they arrived if he had hit me head on and 1. my airbag deployed or 2. The Princess had been hurt in any way. (if not me then Chef would of killed him)

Long story short - he is at fault and I get a shiney new bumper on my van. Only I probably have to wait until I return to CO for that.

Oh his "reason" - things got fuzzy for a second there and he didn't know what he was doing. His passenger "thought" about grabbing the wheel but never did (UGH). In retrospect - I hope he was ok. YIKES.

So we get back to Stacy's. I tell LittleMan about it. I ask him if he'll go kick the guy who broke my van. "Yes, where is he?" - he asks. How sweet!


Sara said...

Oh.My.Goodness. Not okay!