Thursday, June 12, 2008

Body Art

So over at Aunt Becky's she shared her two wonderful foot tattoo's. Hey I'm just as crazy and I TOO have a foot tattoo. Plus one on my ankle and another on my belly. I figured why not share. Okay but dude you are so not getting a pic of the belly one cause well after all these pregnancies it isn't pretty anymore. So I will save you (and myself) that.

I tried to pretty them up with my new Photoshop program but there is only so much you can do with the item you have to work with. Which is my leg. It's ashie so get over it I'm wearing pants today. LOL

Here is my angel baby. I got it in honor of my tiny angel Abigail Hlee. I got it in 2003 while in Turkey by Rambo's brother. Rambo was busy giving Chef his arm tattoo.

Here is my foot tattoo. I got three butterflies to represent my children. Ignore my fat foot please...nothing I can do about it. Monkey has the same feet but hey at least he is a boy. HEY where'd my pinky toenail go. DARN IT! I got it in 2006 after waiting nearly a year for a chicken shit "friend" to get hers but she never did. So I went with other friends. The lady did it in like 5mins. It was so quick. Because it was small it also didn't hurt me much. I said duck it when she did the very tip of the top butterfly but that was pretty much it.


Nicole said...

Hey - sorry to freak you out with the Teletubbies post. I know, it freaks me out to, and I pute it there. Cute tatoos. Your children are beautiful!

Heather said...

I love your tattoos!! I got mine on my back and it didn't hurt too bad until he got to my shoulder blades. Then, I said "duck it" too!!

Sara said...

I should post a picture of my tattoo. The Hub's grandma would have a fit!!!