Thursday, August 7, 2008

Diapers and crazy

Okay where'd my week go (not that I'm complaining). Seriously though it flew past and Friday has snuck up on me and I do not know what I have done this week. I don't. I think this stems from my 3 kids turning my brain to mush and well lets just say the 18th can't get here soon enough. They ALL go to school this year. Little Man is on to 4th, Monkey heads to 2nd and Princess will kick off at PrK. SWEET! Then I'll have some stories to share cause right now I can't think of anything that they do as cute cause I spend 99.5% of the time wanting to strangle one of them. *sigh* When's school start?

So today I actually DID do something (during naptime). As you know my sister is pg with her first child. Well she is in NY and for obvious reasons I can not attend (I am in CO and broke). So I decided to make a diaper cake and ship it over for the shower.

Okay so I did one a few years ago and it was "okay" but not AWESOME. LOL I think I found my way to AWESOME. (I did and I don't care what you say it is awesome)

So I took a old rinsed out slimfast container (took the label off of it cause I didn't want my Sissy to think she needs to be losing weight) and started wrapping size 1 diapers around it. I kept wrapping until I couldn't hold them on anymore (about 1 or 2 layers) so I added a huge rubber band and then I kept slipping more diapers in until I thought my base was big enough.

Is this big enough?

So then I rolled up and shoved a few diapers into the container. I folded a HUGE blanket into thirds and wrapped it around the diaper ring. Since my folding wasn't "perfect" I had an overlap on the top so I placed a handful of diapers on top to fill in that space.

To keep the blanket in place I used two tiny binder clips where the ends meet. (You'll need a very LONG baby blanket for this) I thought about using diaper pins so I am sure they'd work as well.

Then I placed a square lovey on top of the bottom base.

My top layer was made by rolling 4 diapers and securing them with tiny hair bands. Then I wrapped diapers around just as I did with the bottom layer. Adding a hug rubber band when I needed to hold it all together. When it reached the size I wanted a used a blanket that I folded in fourths attaching it again with two tiny binder clips. Place on top of the lovey.

Here you'd decorate as you wish. Since mine is being shipped and I have to count on others to place it all together I kept it simple and just got a carseat hanging toy and two tiny stuffies.

See isn't it cute. Cute and simple.

Now anyone know anymore baby machines cause I'd love to make more of these. The last one I made was so difficult and took forever (rolling and tying EACH diaper and then trying to tie the huge bundle together UGH). I really enjoyed this one.


StacyRenee said...

That is so cute. She is gonna love it.

Aunt Becky said...

Just ADORABLE! I love those cakes.

Anonymous said...

I think it's beautiful and very thoughtful!

Someone gave me one when I had Cate but it was made out of actual cloth diapers. Can we say useless? I use them for dustrags. Oh and it had bottles, and I breastfed. LOL

Aubrey said...

Such a great gift! And practical for new moms. I wish I knew someone expecting so I could have you make one for me!