Friday, August 15, 2008


So today at nap time I found a new blog. This one written by a Daddy. Unbelievable right. Well this guy is. He is awesome in every sense of the word. Though he'd tell you he was just taking it one say at a time. Matt is taking the time to share his world with us. I'll let you check out why....

Go here for a MOST beautiful beginning.

Go here to learn how it all changed.

You must read his blog before you continue reading my entry here. Otherwise you won't understand my rambling.

I am devastated to hear about what happened. I lost a daughter in 2001. I got to spend time holding her and loving her (even though it was short). This mother never got to hold her baby. I can't imagine. She left this world, this beautiful person while on her way to hold her for the first time. She was so HAPPY, anticipating seeing her Daughter again. Holding her, feeding her and changing her - all the things that come with motherhood. Then she was gone. I can't stop thinking of it. Her darling husband has privileged us by sharing his story and letting us peek into their life as Father and Daughter. My heart breaks for them. My heart fills for them. He is wonderful.









Anonymous said...

That is horribly sad. :(

Butterfly Kisses said...

WOW! I am hooked on his blog and reading it teary eyed. That little baby girl is blessed though to have such an awesome father!!!