Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of pictures.

When did they get so big???

Little Man is heading into 4th Grade. When did THAT happen. I remember when he was going to K for the first time. My goodness.

Now 4th grade brings coolness so you know the dude has to have Vans.

Monkey is off to 2nd grade. *sob* He is my baby boy. Why'd he have to grow up too.

He gets to start off the year toothless. Look at those gaps. LOL The toothfairy paid him a visit last night.

Ahh the Princess. Man. She started PrK today. Not a single tear, no hesitation, she was ready. "Mom can we go now?" she says.

First your brothers have to get on the bus. Bye Boys!!!

Then we're off. Look at her rush to get there. My goodness can't drop Mommy fast enough can you girl. Who'd of thought that less then a year ago this child wouldn't so much as look at another person besides me. *sob*

Picture for Ms. Wonderful (thats what I call her teacher...cause she is. I want to be her when I grow up) Can you SEE my child pulling AWAY. She's like Geeez mom let me go will you.

Princess and Ms. Wonderful. Bye ladies - have a wonderful day. (without me *gasp*)


StacyRenee said...

OMG she is TO grown up. Where is that little baby in the front pouch that was so tiny you had to search to find her?

fairyflutters said...

Awww! Your kids are all beautiful. I love the Princess' outfit. It's so fall and cool all at once.

It's still summer here. I refuse to play "fall" until after Labor Day. :P

Aubrey said...

What a bunch of cuties! I feel for you mama! My Teen is starting the 10th grade, my Tween Middle School! Talk about time flying!! Boo-hoo.
All I have left is my Toddler. I will fall to pieces when it's his turn!

Heather said...

Everyone looks soooo cute and excited for school!!

Aunt Becky said...

They're SO BIG!

American in Norway said...

You have such beautiful children!!