Friday, August 15, 2008

Call LoJack...I lost my kid.

So in April our contract with Verizon ran out. We went to renew it (hey had it for 4 yrs and no major issues). Our LittleMan was starting to want to ride his bike out alone and well I am lazy and hate sitting outside to watch him ride on the sidewalk behind my house. (Before you panic I am in Military houseing and while not always safe it is better then other areas)

So again he wants to go riding. Well I want to be able to reach him (read: tell his behind to get home without getting off my lazy behind) So we use on of our OLD phones and tell them to set it up to only recieve/make calls. Oh and add Chaperone Parent.

What's that?

Yes people my child has lojack. I can get online or use my phone to locate the general area my son is playing. I also informed him if he is snatched he is to leave his phone in his pocket so I can use it to locate him (well the coppers can). See my smart LittleMan wants to use it to call 911 but I expalined he doesn't want the bad guy to see it.

So it may seem odd that my 9yr old has a cell (well not that STRANGE I've seen 5 yr olds with them and they use them ALL the time). LittleMan only uses it when he is outside our home. He can only call 3 numbers....mine, Chef's and home. It's more of safety device then anything.

Sara says my child has LoJack. LOL

**Shoot I know I am joking around in this blog but I also realize the seriousness of children being kidnapped. I hope by arming my child with these tools we can avoid/quickly recover. Now I need to get something for Monkey and Princess as they get older. I am for the inserting location devices into children at birth and removing them at 18yrs of age. Yep sign us up for the test phase please. I am not so paranoid that I keep them locked up but I still worry. This is one of my biggest fears but I try not to allow it to hamper thier growth and youth. I teach them safety and I do what I can to keep them that way.


Kristin said...

I was just talking to my husband about this the other day! I said it should be mandatory to have a chip put in at birth. Dogs have them, so why not kids!

Sara said...

I'm all about lojacking my kids. Not just because of kidnapping. (Anyone else remember being 16?)