Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tastes like chicken?

So last night we took the kids out to dinner since it was the first day of school.

Princess ordered a cheeseburger which came with a HUGE toasted bun so she removed the top and just ate the burger and lower bun. Well the burger slipped off and fell on the floor. No biggie go ahead and just eat the bread (I knew she had eaten a TON at school so I wasn't worried). So she is happily eating and the rest of us are talking about school and such when.she.screamed.

What's wrong!

Did you bite your tongue? (she shakes her head no - still crying)

I realize she is holding her hand out. Um did you bite your finger? (shakes he head yes - still crying)

Okay calm down and shake it off (meanwhile she is pressed against my side - crying)

So I look at her finger......she bit it alright. Even broke skin slightly.

Chef asked her if she tasted like chicken fingers. She glared at him.

*No chickens were hurt in the making of this blog. Child only slightly and by her own fault. Oh and father survived child's wrath but not completely unscathed....he didn't get a goodbye kiss this morning (I warned him about annoying her - she is a Taurus)*

*edited to add a clue as to how annoying he is. He was throwing spit balls at my sons during dinner. ERG! Then told them not to do it. MEN Are your husbands like this or is it only mine?*


fairyflutters said...

Ha! Tastes like chicken!!! LOL!!!!

I bet dinner out w/ y'all is quite amusing. :)

Aubrey said...

Chef is pretty witty, huh?!

I have a Taurus too! Warnings a must!

Hope Princess is ok!

Heather said...

Replace the spit balls with burping at the table and then the answer is YES!

Tiffany said...

My husband is also a child. Totally and completely. But he is hot, so I keep him.

Michelle said...

Yes, my husband turns into a child among our boys. At least you have girls to keep you grounded.

I have the dog. :(