Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Guest Chef

So we're all sitting here doing daycareish stuff. It's time for lunch so Little Man says I'll make it. Um Okay go make lunch. Read the menu to find out what is for lunch. After a mintue he comes back and says okay. This is what I find on the counter. Um lunch is ready? Yes he says. Um so we're eating frozen fish sticks? Well I can't cook it he says. I say why not?

So then he starts reading the directions on the box. How do I turn on the oven? (LittleMan) Read the dials (Me) So he finds the right dial and spins it to a warm 475. He reads farther....arrange evenly on a baking sheet. Um whats evenly mean (LittleMan) It means to make sure they don't touch. (Me)

Then it is placed "carefully" into the slightly warm (OKAY I know it's HOT but he is 9 and I am supervising) oven.
Now what. Okay it says corn bread. Do we have corn bread? (LittleMan) Yes (Me) It's just bread with corn. (Monkey) HAHA No (Me) * I pull out two boxes of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix.
Here you go. Read the directions. (Me)

Carefully adding eggs.

Look PROOF of Little Man being nice to Monkey. He let him pour the milk in.

Mixing is HARD. (LittleMan) Meanwhile Monkey helps hold the bowl steady. Didn't you know it takes TWO to mix stuff up. DUH where you been cooking?

Okay now you scrape while I hold. AWE isn't sweet how they work together when they want FOOD!

Um, Mom can you put it in this time? (Little Man) No dear you made it you bake it. Just be careful (Me) I'll stand over here (Monkey)

So Little Man made lunch. He did a good job cause all of the kids are eating it. LOL Now he wants to know how to use the grill. Um Chef thats on YOU.


Aunt Becky said...

Aw! What a good kid!

Anonymous said...

Such handsome sons you have!

I love how you let him help. That must have made him feel 10 ft tall. :)

~Trish~ said...

Awe how cool is that!! It makes them feel SO important and accomplished!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!! Be strong on your first day of school :)

A fellow SITSista!

Aubrey said...

How sweet! It's so neat seeing them help out with lunch. And I bet it taste even better than usual!

Thanks for stopping by earlier!

trashalou said...

I love challenging the childer like that - my two were using sharp knives at two (and a lot)- obviously under supervision.

Thanks for coming to visit Trash Towers today.

Heather said...

NICE!! He looks so proud putting everything in the oven.