Wednesday, May 28, 2008

World's Best Wife and Mom

You might recall when I purchased ECW/Smackdown tickets for hubby and the boys last month. Well the night of male bonding was last night. The guys ened up there for get this over 3 hrs! They showed ECW LIVE until 915 then switched to recording Smackdown for Friday night (you can still maybe catch them on TV on Friday.

They had some sweet ass seats if I say so myself. The only thing is they are "this" much out of camera range for most of the night. Though Princess and I did see them at the end of the LIVE show. She yelled and then asked where Daddy was. sadly we couldn't see him but when reviewing the recorded show we found him. Below is a snapshot (yes taken with my camera) of the show where I have labeled the boys and Chef's arm. (hey he was taking a picture like a good boy)

So when Princess saw them - Chef was taking THIS picture. Funny huh. Don't get it? Oh well. LOL

HEY it's Fred Flinestone (okay okay so it's the Big Show) Whatevers!

All kinds of dirty thought going on here. (shocking)

Remember that dude Mike from MTV's The Real World like a million years ago. He was on with that bitch Coral and claimed he was an awesome wrestler. He was gonna be one too when he grew up. WELL HEY he did it man. Go LOSER! Hey they can achieve dreams too. Now what would be awesome is if he would bring Coral out as a new female wrestler. That would be something. Here he is in the mess...can kinda see my little note there (darn picture for being too small and me for being too lazy to enlarge it) Oh and yeah he still SUCKS...LOL calls himself the Miz (OHHHHHHHHH)

Chef thought I'd like this picture. ummm sorry honey but there's only one man I want to see in Spandex and thats the ROCK (Oh I should of said him huh - well darn it we're being honest here) Would of taken a half nekkid pic of Cena though but alas he wasn't there - punk was in Denver on Monday night but wasn't here on Tuesday.

Here's Edge - he is another one who isn't half bad (but isn't the ROCK)- You'll see him on Friday nights Smackdown if you watch it.

He goes up against the UNDERTAKER - dude scares the shit out of me. Not sure how the boys slept after seeing him in person.

Here's one last shot of that blurry mess you can see Friday Night.

I am all kinds of awesome.