Monday, May 12, 2008

A new lawn.

So our backyard has been a piece of shit and grass refuses (Chef refuses to water) to grow there. I think it's a combination of both those things. Anyways the daycare and us want to PLAY OUTSIDE DAMNIT. My wonderful daycare parents, S and L, came over on Sat and helped us till and remove and resod the backyard. It was back breaking work which was rewarded by a hearty meal of steak, potatoes and green sauce. Yeah they love us now. Should I say they are IN LOVE with Chef's green sauce. Yum Yum.

I forgot a before picture but you can see what it looks liked as we're working. Just imagine the whole yard a dirty mess like that.

S tilling away....

Hey look do I spy a little green. There's our grass man. LOL

S and L working hard (he thought it would be funny to toss dirt at her.)

We forgot a wheelbarrow....well we forgot a rake and shovel too but thankfully S and L had one of each...LOL.

HEY there's ME!

Chef aka Gimpy in on the action.

S and L - not working so hard....LOL.

Almost finshed removing the last two layers of sod that DIED on us. Someone (Chef) didn't water enough)

Yeah! We're finally unrolling. (and the shirts come off. LOL)

Last bits going in.

FINISHED! It only took us four hours too. Not bad at all. So thankful it is finished now. We have somewhere to play again. The kids can't wait to get out on there. They can't play play on it for a couple weeks but we will be using the patio now and won't have to worry about the dirt. NICE.


Sara said...

Fun. So sad I missed it. Or not. Since I helped last time!

Hanceyturf said...

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