Thursday, May 15, 2008

He has come a long way...

Anyone who knows us knows how last year was a difficult year school wise for Monkey. He had lazy and unattentive teacher's who felt that all the issues were Monkey (not saying he can't be difficult) and not the fact that they didn't give a shit or the fact that he was in K with 26 wild arse kids and had not one moments peace. forward to 1st grade. I met with his new teacher with nervousious(is that a word) and I was unsure how this year would be

(I should mention here that the teachers last year PUSHED me until I had him diagnosed and medicated for ADHD - which I hated because while I understand the needs for these drugs in some children they just weren't right at that time for Monkey - if I hadn't had him medicated they were threatening to put in his permemant record that he was disruptive and a bad child- yes I am serious here not making it up) It was a mess. Again off topic...

I spoke to his teacher this year Ms. B and explained that over the summer I worked with him on self control and using his words to express himself when upset. I informed her that I had him off meds the entire summer and wished to keep him off. Though I had put him on them again for the first week of school before I met with her. She suggested we continue for another couple weeks and then take him off of the meds for good. She also stated as a teacher it was HER JOB (shock right) to deal with children with ADHD and teach them how to behave.(yes you read that right - she said it too) I was fine with this. I checked in with her a few weeks later and she said she didn't notice a difference in his behaviors on the meds or off except he is touchie feelie more.

So yesterday we communicated by email about him a little boy coloring on each others pants. Once we were finished I shot her a msg back asking if there were any tips or suggestions I could give his 2nd grade teacher to keep him on task and focused in class.





He will be bringing home a math book with lots of pages in addition and subtraction. Also I will send home his grammar book with him. There are great websites too. They are on McAuliffe’s website. Go to classroom links and each grade level has wonderful links.

I think the only thing I really do as far as behavior is redirect him or I look at him and make eye contact. Proximity works too. Overall he is well-behaved so I don’t have to do much. Thanks to you! He is quick to get things finished. He sometimes day dreams or reads instead of working, but I never have an issue with unfinished work. I guess I do not have a lot of tips. That is a great thing though; I think he has come a long way.

Mrs. B

I COULD CRY! I love my Monkey! I am so glad he is enjoying school and doing so well. On another note - his behavior is mostly WONDERFUL. I limit red dyes as much as I can and have him on all natural vitamins every morning. Seriously this is all the change we've made to him. I've also been known to give him a little Coke when I need to make sure he remains calm....but not often as we never have soda in the house.


StacyRenee said...

Tell him we are so proud of him. We knew he could do it. :)

Elisa said...

Hey I just saw your new bedding on the BB and that is gorgeous!

As for this "teacher" telling you to medicate your son, I swear I would have a real problem with that. Since when are teachers doctors?

I am very skeptical of medicating children while their brains are still growing.

Glad your monkey is doing better!

Aunt Becky said...

That's an awesome feeling! GO MONKEY!