Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Going on a trip.

Yeah thats right a trip. Why you ask. The gas prices are insane so driving or flying right now is not worth it you say. Well gosh darn it. It IS worth it if your trip is to stay with FRIENDS for a WEEK. No we're not visiting family people. Not spending hundreds of dollers to sit in a home of people who just want, want and want some more. No having please everyone and pleasing no one. Nope not visiting family.

I'm hard core like that. Yeah you heard me HARD CORE! Get over it.

So using the handy dandy trip planner of our lovely online support : MapQuest I predict my trip to take me 1091.94 miles from home. (From CO to TN) We're driving my dear folks. Driving. With a grouchy hubby and 3 kiddos. Seriously the kids will be the EASY part of this trip. LOL

MapQuest also has a handy dandy gas caculater. So I can see about what my damnage will be for this trip. Ready for this???? It will cost ABOUT $ 204.56 just to get there (I might not come back...LOL). Thats with the caculations of 24 miles per gallon, 1091.94 miles and the gas price of $4.50 a gallon. Not too bad. I'll update what the end total is. Then again when we return so we can see if it changed any. Nail biting adventures on this blog here.

Bet you can't wait to find out.

Oh and I leave Saturday morning at O dark 30. Hopefully we'll get there sometime on Sunday. Have to stop overnight for the old man. I remember a time when he'd drive straight through. Times are changing and it isn't only the gas prices.